Powerful three dimensional clock machinery MB F brand new watch

F watches the machine. IWatch sold well Switzerland play out what

AdoptsF Legacy Machine No 1

In addition to stereo configuration outside floating on the face plate of the balance wheel, white plates on both sides of the head, you can see bright blue pointer floats. On slightly curved surfaces, coated with transparent varnish, Twinkle, it is called paint the world's first vertical storage and instruction is the use of high-teF Legacy Machine No 1" >

MBch uF Legacy Machine No 1

InF Legacy Machine No 1

Movement surface disc side of machine board surface Shang has carved of big Yang radiation ornaments lines, it will in specific angle attract people of eye, bridge Board and the movement charming of form and the fine of polished can through transparent of end of cover see, here on will see Kari Voutilainen outstanding of craft, bridge Board shape keep has traditional watches movement of elegant curve, bridge Board Zhijian, and and movement and table shell Zhijian, are keep has spacious of interval.

Large Ruby bearings can be seen on the back of the movement through the Shen Tou, and use of grinding and polishing the gold sleeve is fixed, they become the focus of the bridge plates vision on, corrugated and Geneva complement each other, reminiscent of high quality antique pocket watch movement. Ruby bearings reduce friction and extend part life effect of large-size bearings can also accommodate larger gear axles, as well as more oil.

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Watch movement watch mechanical strong traditions bearing the balance tab

order to keep face with Roman numerals on dial pure beauty face plate does not use traditional means of screws, but the use of a sophisticated rings of gold, and fixed face plate in a complex way; so as not to let the classical beauty of the face of waning a bit. Fine surface treatment and historical asset: famous watchmakers Kari Voutilainen is responsible for each LM1 precision running and has Orthodox and precise Switzerland tab style. On the table by hanging the balance design of traditional, more need to be hacked.

MBltra thin differential gears and ceramic bearings are made, it not onF Legacy Machine No 1" >

MBly slim size, and more substantial wear. Face plate with instructions: two sets of timing accuracy of the face plate from the same set of shock system

Middle balance, exquisite handLaque tendue) techniques to create special effects, this method in painted with several layers of paint and then heated paint can drape evenly on the face plate.

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Artful Yao watch Tissot series mini ladies watch

Tissot will always make time River flows to the simple and classic watch design, new series mini ladies watch, this design concept, let your wrist shining Mount of sophisticated. Small tables delicately, with a flexible soft polished stainless steel bracelet, watch just like a beautiful bracelet, from wrist to dance. Transparent case back cover design, innovative new, show their inner beauty of the modern woman. In this cold winter, Tissot series only ignite your inner passion, recording every moment in life for you to witness your "only love" and the same charm. Tables that can be comparable to kill Criss exceedingly

Tiansuo series mini ladies watch

Tiansuo series mini ladies watch

Tissot series mini ladies watch the only all-steel

Tissot series mini ladies watch the only all-steel

Tissot heritage classic mechanical wristwatch design, elegant and mysterious family is the best line of Tissot watches. By design, only series mini ladies watch 316L polished stainless steel bracelet and case, small tables delicately, with a flexible soft polished stainless steel bracelet, watch is like a beautiful bracelet, dancing with the wrist swing, drew envious eyes. Dial design is simple and classic, through the design of concentric circles, outlines the dial layered. Tiansuo series ETA2671 automatic-winding movement, transparent case back cover design, date window to run at 3 locations, the reading clear, creative and new, self-winding movement operation to show the beauty of rhythm at the same time, bring the inner beauty of women.

Tiansuo series mini ladies watch back cover

Tiansuo series mini ladies watch back cover

Tissot series mini ladies Watch Gold

Gold and silver combination is the elegant models. Gold pointers and reading embedded on silver dial in, like brilliant stars and complement each other. Gold and silver and white metal bracelet, nimble and elegant, like gives vitality straps, wrist hand sketched a beautiful arc, allow the wrist to be the focus. With its praise series mini ladies Tissot watches for a delicate watch, more than compared to the eye of time, record each of the important moments in life for you to witness your "only" does not change the graceful charm.

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Tissot watches ladies watch mini design bracelet stainless steel polished


MB F HM2 2 complex unlocking tables from the camera concept

F lauF launched each taF HM2.2 Watch

Case while retaining the Horological Machine No2 case of double Bullseye dial and lugs have clean curved cornices and columns. Two portholes silver plated dial with instantaneous jump hour, concentric counter minute hand, retrograde date, bi-hemisphere moon phase display, equipped with double-sided anti-glare glass and mirrors around the table decorated with red numbers, numbers are covered with long-lasting luminous paint ble is true people of praise. Across the table are HM2.2 is like a camera modF HM2.2 Watch" >

Complex unlocking MBel aF HM2.2 Watch

F HM2.2 Watch" >

Rectangular shape, cornice pole, double Bullseye, and module structure

Jumping hour the dial on the right window, window to the outer ring is concentric counter minute hand; dial on the left show retrograde date and moon phase. Within the window the moon phase reminiscent of United States new art Complex unlocking MBnd, Yes, the small camera for this paragraph is taken from the SilbF HM2.2 WatchArt Nouveau) period representative of the animated film little Nemo

Complex unlocking MBerstF HM2.2 Watch

Power, the watch is equipped with mechanical movements designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor,F HM2.2 Watch" >

Equipped with a F HM2.2 Watch

This movement frequency 28,800 times an hour and 30 meters waterproof. Equipped with a hand-stitched black leather strap. Inverse both instantaneous jump hour, concentric dial hand, reverse date pointers, dual-hemisphere moon phase and automatic winding function.

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Camera concept wristwatch movement dial moon phase design case

design by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor of mechanical movement Not recommended so versatile I just want a simple

Complex unlocking MBboth instantaneous jump hour, concentric reverse dial hand, reverse date pointers, dual-hemisphere moon phase and automatic winding function. This table uses traditional wristwatch movement, few senior movement has Ruby, hand polished 22k gold dark blue automatic disk, but its sign sickle shape imitation from Maximilian bsser giant psychic Grendizer childhood comic heroes wielding a double-head axe.

Complex unlocking MBein1940 era of inspiration and creation, rectangular case is exclusivF HM2.2 Watch

Complex unlocking MBe of PVD coated titanium containing silicon, due to its high hardness, high corrosion-resistance and high plasticity. Therefore, this material isLittle Nemo) cartoons of the moon.

Complex unlocking MBnch of the Horological Machine No2 <p>Independent watchmaking concepts laboratory MBHM2) table turned himself in after the debut, due to their unique rectangular shape, cornice columns, double Bullseye, and module structure in the world of Haute Horlogerie launched revolutionary whirlwind. France art Allen-ALAIN SILBERSTEIN watches Designer Alain Silberstein) joined, make this watch a whole new different concepts.</p> <p>MB </body> </html>

Beijing s most extravagant 10 female form

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Diamond watches

Silhouette women's elegant diamond watch

Do not know when the woman began "playing" watches, recommend capital's most extravagant 10 female formMONTBLANC)

Unique star-shaped diamond, we blink, extraordinary accomplishments. Mother of Pearl Dial, like waves in a star-shaped pattern. No doubt is the ultimate incarnation of the MONTBLANC star marks the most gorgeous.

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Annual Calendar of mother-of-Pearl diamond calendar wristwatch PATEK PHILIPPE)

Annual Calendar of mother-of-Pearl diamond calendar wristwatch PATEK PHILIPPE)

That unique brand slogan once communication is at the heart. "You are not only wearing a Patek Philippe, also began an eternal love. "Sweet love-hungry women, how not Patek adds a few eccentric love?

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Astrale top jewelry watches BVLGARI)

Astrale top jewelry watches BVLGARI)

Appearance beauty message is difficult to look shocked and noble. Astrale name comes from the magical world of constellations, perfectly round diamond embellishment, changing different cuts and sizes of emeralds, rubies, light bright, guessing the mystery of highlighting the magnificence and elegance.

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Cartier Libre crepe watches 09114_98f49f342e.jpg" alt="Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form" >

Fleurette series diamond watch Van CleefVan CleefCartier)

Cartier Libre crepe watches Cartier)

Crepe reflected by the diamond-fold careful sense of Ethereal, Cascade complex and clothes floating, very vibrant. Since angles on both sides of the folds, closely set round diamond white gold the ground, radiant. Folds gap revealed a tiny tip of triangle dials, the meanings of the passage of time is obvious. Is particularly unique, show only Roman numeral 3 on the dial, unique ideas.

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Bulgari series of color watch

Series color watch Bulgari BVLGARI)

Smooth lines, simple appearance shows unique. Series of color watch white, pink or brown mother of Pearl Dial respectively, cylindrical casing and bezel is etched on a pair of signs which is striking, Geneva waves and fish-scale pattern and more elegant.

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Star Lady Gold Moonphase Automatic moon phase automatic watch MONTBLANC)

Star Lady GoldMoonphase Automatic moon phase automatic watch MONTBLANC)

Brilliant diamond is the design center of gravity of the moon phase diamond gold watch. 18K white gold and rose gold, two luxury models, watches the most breath-taking style. Ready for 2015 Only Watch charity auction of orphan

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Reverso Squadra Lady-square watches JaegerLeCoultre)

Reverso Squadra Lady-square watches JaegerLeCoultre)

Used to dial in the classical style design, unique rollover performance. Square case strong interpretation of the character of the head.

Beijing's most extravagant 10 female form

Ballon Bleu de Cartier jewellery watches Cartier)

Ballon Bleu de Cartier jewellery watches

Striking on the outer edge of the dial SArpels)

Charms white gold diamond watch atellite-Arpels)

Inspiration from a twisted rope-shaped ornaments, circular dial is set with sparkling diamonds, outboard equipped with a clover-shaped Crown, swaying clover shape perfectly highlights the elegant and fascinating subject.

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Watch Diamond female city dial diamond watch Cartier Jewelry Watch collection

winding Crown design simple clean lines, even in the strap on a lot of ingenuity. Worthy of mention is orange, purple, pink, or heavy, or light colors, highlights watch unique distinctive characteristics.

Charms white gold diamond watch Van CleefVanCleef


Botelai watches the old history new journey

20 Swiss francs on a bank note, printed with a portrait of an ancient figure-18th century master Abraham-luyibotelai Abraham-Louis Perrelet). The characters printed on the banknote to Switzerland is certainly a significant contribution. Watch Kingdom Switzerland to pay tribute to botelai in this way, not only expresses the people's respect, also expressed the expectation of botelai watches.

20 Swiss francs on a bank note, printed with a portrait of an ancient figure-18th century master Abraham-luyibotelai Abraham-Louis Perrelet). The characters printed on the banknote to Switzerland is certainly a significant contribution. Watch Kingdom Switzerland to pay tribute to botelai in this way, not only expresses the people's respect, also expressed the expectation of botelai watches.

Botelai watches the old history, new journey


Botelai first made from the spool, and calendar, the average time to complete and features such as crab legs round device, really watch is completed, from start to finish.

Mid-18th century Switzerland's watchmaking and now cannot be compared, even important tools are not found. In order to make ideal clocks, botelai first work on the tool. He first made the spool and calendar, the average time to complete and crab claw wheels and other devices. He used copper to make the substrate, and install-made components, transmission gears, axles, gears, escapement, and power plant, really watch is completed, from start to finish.

Glorious history

Botelai automatic table again in 1995 in front of the world. Its automatic swing rotor fan, because there are a lot of quality, so have a lot of gravity. This movement was when the "movement of the year" in the title.

Botelai continuous improvement, new improved automatic device is completed. In the new device through connection throughout the winding gear of the movement. Upper and lower rotor must be synchronized automatically with axis, strengthen quality to reduce friction. 15 fine new part needs to be precisely installed on the movement. So the new improved botelai automatic movement which won more flexibility and convenience in creating new features, the ease of creating new shapes.

Botelai watches the old history, new journey

Luyibotelai Budget of only 30 000 wanted to buy only high

Botelai reset moon phase men's collection was launched in Basel this year. This is following the 2006 Basel Lady Moon series released another masterpiece.

A new journey

Has a glorious history, botelai is an innovative brand. In Basel this year show launched a series of tables confirmed this point.

Reset moon phase men's collection in botelai. Watch this series launched in 2006 at the Basel Watch Fair Lady moon phase based on the series. In this table show, Lady Moon series was promising, so less than a year, botelai and then launched a series of men moon phase. This series is one of the botelai brand. It proprietary P211 movement is particularly developed for botelai. The new Assembly models of various display functions, including the phases of the Moon, in hours, minutes, seconds and date reset pointer appears. More styles, are doing fine, matching red gold and stainless steel, diamonds, Sapphire or Ruby tessellation. The model is a good blend of experience and philosophy of time, reminiscent of the wonders of the universe.

Since the outbreak of the universe and is stabilized, the moon has become a satellite of the Earth. After the birth of human civilization, the satellite to human influence once reached incredible heights: Judging from its time, schedule farming, good and divine ... ... Until human footprints on the lunar surface. Wim Pollet brings people back to the Moon's mysterious moon phases tables, on the dial when the profit and loss of the month, people felt that the passage to invisible speed feeling. Compared with other brands of moon phase watch, moon phase of this series is more elegant, atmospheric, exudes a wonderful spirit of the universe.


Titanium Ti) series with a total of 5 movements, this is A5002/P-181 double rotor movement watches.

Botelai titanium series

The invention of the first self-winding movement after 230 years, British chemists discovered titanium 210 years later, botelai launched a series of very modern titanium watches, to the generation of watch master botelai and the great British chemist to the high respect. Titanium is a lightweight and hard metals, aerospace technology, auto mechanics and bio-medical, jewelry is widely used. Because the stability of titanium and beauty, mechanical watches are also using it as material, botelai products also used this material.

In this series, the "dual-rotor rotor" brand series pioneer model botelai, equipped with botelai comprehensive research and development center of careful reconstruction in 1995 to P-181 movement. Natural rubber strap with titanium atmosphere mix as a whole, to 43.5 mm-diameter titanium case, generous, brilliant.

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Historical movement moon phase watch Louis titanium series Switzerland metal


Star model is out to match big watch tide to popcorn

Bosom Baby Alison is a Mammy fan, thanks to this absorption rate is a high eye watches, nurse star MOM.Antique Rolex gold watch

Antique Rolex gold watch

2, strong winds antique Rolex gold watch

Thin Beckham Victoria Beckham skinny body are world-famous, the woman inside a man's obsession with personality, this golden Rolex vintage watches baggy around her slender wrist, full of British gas.

Herms Hermes pCartier) TANK series watch

Joker Cartier hoto explosion high double wristband" >

Herms Hermes photo explosion high double wristband

Cartier) TANK series watch

Queen 3, elegant style Cartier

1 foot, simple star Hermes HermCartier) Tank series watch Daily HIV IWC pilots double chronograph watches

Cartier es appearance rate double strap table height

FeminineCartier) Tank table with its super simple style, won the top King Sun Guizhou, down to the countless hearts of celebrity babes, including Diana , which with a little playful pair of wristbands Herms watch won the star's favor, elegant Gwyneth a casual dress, gray-green combination is black and white, but why is this watch has a magic button method, let cool to see street people have a lot of surprises, Star flavor isDiana) Princess, Angelina Jolie. Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow love this classic Brown TANK table, while all of England United Kingdom actress Rebecca-Hall Rebecca Hall) TANK table made her grace in the hands of hurricane.

Daketa-fanning Dakota Fanning) loved Michael Kors oversized chronograph

Daketa-fanning Dakota Fanning) loved Michael Kors oversized chronograph

4, exaggerated a bit hooked on Michael Kors oversized chronograph

Michael Kors as the United States after the street fashion into watches at home also continued to win more than praise, especially combined with Fossil watches is a Manhattan woman who launched the must-have products. This oversize watches Michael Kors oversized gold watch, bold fashion, wrist worn around the Elf girl fanning small fanning looks more feminine.

Chanel Chanel J12 new titanium ceramic watch

5, light cool cool Chanel J12 Black ceramic watch

This sweeping global midsize watch, full of cool to do our part so we can make IT girl Lady Gaga heart and Daisy. Daisy cool motorcycle jackets and Miss Gaga fashion rivet bag, is a model of cool, handsome, and Chanel ceramic watches black titanium set, Oh. Chanel Chanel) J12 Chromatic titanium ceramic watch with titanium metal and ceramic, two materials, watch light and has high wear resistance. And the characteristics of high-tech precision ceramic materials are heated, you can draw the human body temperature, makes people feel more comfortable to wear, it's no wonder many stars choose it.

Star model big watches Hermes fashion star tank ceramics


Ford engineers out of the center console of a car then it came


This is the role of this equipment ~

According to Ford's test, a similar device, every hour can produce about 4 bottles of purified water,

Enough to travel required.

And, best of all, in Ford's prototype device, Moschino iPhone 5

This system is a car with water dispenser face Moschino iPhone 5

That is the control out of the pipe, you just have to tilt button

Water will flow out.



Really quite good ideas,

Anyway, these water drops on the ground without having to also.

Of course, if conditions similar to the Chinese national day holiday,

Ford should study is how to collect and purify urine for drinking.


I know, a car could emit so much water ... ... No wonder men say Auto is the second girl.

Moschino iPhone 5


Just a few days ago, Google breath has released 5 new products.

In fact, similar launch event

Car manufacturers Ford was always open, and cerebral Caverns is smaller than Google.

This is not, this is the most recently published content:

They intend to collect the car air-conditioning condensation water to purify the drinking ... ...

Similar needs exist,

For example, the drive needs to air conditioning in the summer, and keep water to feed their own.

Automotive air conditioning at run time will, in fact, produce a lot of condensation water.

And Ford said, why not collect them up and reuse them?




General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

Most people shopping at the time, require the combination of beauty and practicality, is absolutely beautiful to attract our eye at first glance, this is not to say that we only focus on appearance, but we cannot disregard the appearance for the importance of design. Especially in the watch market today, whether it is domestic or Swiss table table de tables, brand more men's watches women's table style has become a colorful, more difficult choices for consumers, want to warm in many watches brands, or even pick up a few and unusual watches, it is not easy.

General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

For watches, and not everyone knows its expertise, form the classic or not cannot be visually identified. If there is no brand logo, then how do we determine the type of table and quality? Therefore, we need to know some of the classics in watches, follow the edit text together to remember the outstanding design of the case.

The Stirrup-shaped casing, Knight style:

Before I entered the bezel, I watch the shape of the concept does not, can only think of a circle or square, barrel-shaped, turtle-shaped, u-shaped, and even the irregular octagonal shape, every change in shape for what's no doubt design adds to the difficulty, dial scales assigned, the harmony of the design must therefore change. The most important thing is, a shape representing the brand characteristics, style is a subtle endorsement.

General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

Designer Ralph Lauren RalphLauren) equestrian sports style and brand features the combination of Stirrup series highlights the Knight's demeanor, case mix of smooth curves Roman numeral markers, with arched curves, also contains a touch of retro taste. I think the watch is great for women, as a brand image of equestrian tradition, this series of watches is also to pay tribute to the brand's classic and traditional. Series LaurenStirrup case shape not only resembles the Stirrup-shaped, elegant wrist bracelet fashion and novelty, and, with the gentle curves of the body comfortably attach on the wrist.

12 bright color calfskin and crocodile leather strap, with different size Stirrup series stainless-steel bezel wristwatches. If you don't like the style of chain link, then belts of the gorgeous, can satisfy your fashion woman?

12 bright color calfskin and crocodile leather strap, with different size Stirrup series stainless-steel bezel wristwatches. If you don't like the style of chain link, then belts of the gorgeous, can satisfy your fashion woman?

Octagonal case is definitely poison:

Someone said that the human wrist can't octagonal wide, Europe's tough style was more suited to rugged case. Now, however, more and more people like Royal Oak, women wear octagonal case even more flavor. Don't watch case says it's too big, have skills, I want to give it a try, even if it does not fit, you will find that this is absolutely toxic.

General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

Abby, giving the biggest shock was tough, domineering case design, design of the legendary Royal Oak designed overnight, how long good inspiration and care available, but more classic. GeraldCharlesGenta, seem to have a soft spot for Octagon, it is natural and perfect contact with the casing together, then we'll talk about the wonderful design of the case. Steel is the most classic, case that drawing polishing, that heavy metal feel, let people look forward to it a world sensation. The Abby automatic series 15703ST.OO.A002CA.01 wrist watch, 42 mm case, the absolute is big enough, friends who wanted to try, ready for your wrist.

General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

This dial is ideal for close scrutiny, octagonal case bezel with 8 external screws, rubber strap and case in one continuous line, highlight the sporty, is definitely worthy of the man's watch. Octagonal case reminiscent of frigate octagonal porthole, both then and now, is the masterpiece of Abby. Through the sapphire-glass mirrors, dials inscribed "m e gaTapisserie" large decorative Plaid, with a white fluorescent numerals, thick pointer is also designed to facilitate reading and preparation, the calendar display window at the three o'clock position. Water resistant to a depth of 300 meters, and let your love table will show on the bottom figure.

Abby Royal Oak series 67540OK. ZZ. A010CA.01 Abby ladies watch is the combination of masculine and feminine, soft, bring two styles.

Abby Royal Oak series 67540OK. ZZ. A010CA.01 Abby ladies watch is the combination of masculine and feminine, soft, bring two styles.

Of course, the Octagon also the OCTO is easy to think of Bvlgari Watches, minimalist lines of the integration is a complex process, an octagonal structure with round bezel complement each other.

General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

Octagonal design incorporates many historical content, whether from architecture, or the culture, has been a symbol of moral good. Structure and integration of Bulgari's edgy fashion style, series a variety of styles of OCTO can meet the requirements of different groups.

Nautilus luxury steel:

Patek Philippe Nautilus series, is the earliest sports watches series Patek, is also designed by the prestigious watch master Jello Gerald Genta GeraldGenta) design, its design is closely related to submarines, while incorporating design style. Nautilus since the series was launched in 1976, it is famous for its sport style and are made of stainless steel, the first Nautilus watches stainless steel material and is thick and rounded octagonal case broke at that time for the traditional definitions of luxury watches.

General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

My first exposure to the Nautilus, is derived from my friends like it, the simple meaning of low-key, gentlemanly, seemingly without expect them but extraordinary quality, this is perhaps the top Patek to achieve results. Patek Philippe's 5990/1A seems not as publicized as Abby Sport Chronograph, domineering and very low key, but more impressive is that you'll never want to PP will show you what kind of design. This seemingly simple shapes in the actual production process brings a formidable challenge, casing around the buttons and the Crown are subject to precise design.

General table does not have a LOGO can recognized these watches

Functionally, it showed a strong capacity, this table can not only time, has a date display, also indicates that the second time zone, and even a clock display. 40 mm dial to accommodate a sufficient number of features date window at the three o'clock position, and it will dial at 12 locations in the calendar, three and nine o'clock position of the representatives of LOCAL and HOME is day and night shows. 40 mm size is not too large. CH28-520 within the movement, also has a PP imprint, back through the end of the table so that you really understand mechanical charm of Haute Horlogerie.

Twisted case, novelty keys:

If the fixed shape there's nothing challenging, twisted shapes can you imagine that? Is not only a distortion of casing, is twisting movement. The dial is changed with the case of bending curve, integrating movement and dial, plywood has been carefully decorated, special styling to subvert the watchmaking tradition.

Crash watch crazy designs include the 9618MC movement, from hollowing out the technology, precision polishing of parts, bent just right, people can't help but love this crazy design. Of course, impacts, distortion, deformation, in the world of Cartier is not at all strange, more attempts this.

Cl e de Cartier series this year, another interpretation of the creative genius of Cartier, after blue balloon, tank, is another classic. Shell shape round the table, showing geometric beauty of line, crown molding also broke the traditional round, but similar to the key shapes, unique and interesting, like in ancient times to watch the story.

Four-leaf clover, passed luck and blessings:

Many brand in dial of design Shang total like will different of flowers, and animal even natural scenery rendering in table shell on, Van Gogh grams ya treasure not limited to for dial of transformation, but with four leaves grass of styling conquered has all, throughout to more of products series among, not only is wrist table, and bracelet, and necklace, it of many products are was gives has four leaves grass of meaning. Today, the four-leaf clover became a special brand of DNA, think of four-leaf clovers will think Van Cleef Albemarle. Many women have added to favored four-leaf clovers, see so much equipment, must have moved it.

Not only that, watch wine bucket, cushion-shaped, square, irregular shape, and so on, every change in appearance will cause overall changes in style and interior design changes, really is a big project.

Summary: Browse so much style, you are interested in more, but who remembers? If you use a symbol to represent a brand, we naturally think of is the brand Logo, as seen on the road that runs Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini, and many people rely on flags to remember a product, a brand. If there is no mark, then we are able to recognize their brand of products. Therefore, the brand is a unique way for everyone to have unforgettable memories, whether it is blued steel hands, "fish-eye" calendar, the rose pattern, or octagonal table shell, characteristic of any kind will be remembered for special, that's enough.

Daniel Wellington simplicity belts-studded subdial female form 0902DW

549.00 1680.00

Buy now

Daniel Wellington slim ladies diamond watch 0905DW

545.00 1680.00

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COACH coach steel with elegant crystal encrusted ladies quartz watch

999.00 1998.00

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Swatch swatch original gorgeous pearl bracelet quartz ladies series of black female form pearls

419.00 620.00

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Watch case design brand dial Abby a four-leaf clover logo Fiyta x Ma Sichun bloom Chinese Valentine s day


WP flagship to Lumia 920 victory HTC 8X video

Fossil iPhone case.2tqefu6wb">FOSSIL iPhone 5

This is the video from foreign scientific peer review love Chinese subtitles). HTC on the screen and can be seen in the video camera, running both lost to Lumia 920. Nokia desperate focus Windows Phone system, I think HTC strategy seems lost, Samsung Android ganbuguo. Now distracted doing WP WP system and Nokia's dragon throne seems to be poor. Detailed comparison, please watch the video.

Detailed comparison evaluation

Fossil iPhone case

Nokia Lumia920 can be said to have a number of unique features. Clearblack technology for mobile screens even in outdoor light can be clearly displayed, PureMotion+ keep the screen refresh frame rate at 30FPS. Screen is super sensitive touch screen, can also be seen in the video even hands with gloves can manipulate 920 on the screen. Another PureView camera with optical image stabilization, currently only Nokia use this technology. Above are all unique features of Nokia, others do not have. Contrary WP of the HTC to launch flagship 8X is a pittance. Android ganbuguo Samsung, do WP no match for Nokia. How unfortunate is HTC?


Yoona wears what H CONNECT is her first choice of course

" >

Lin Yuner dressed in autumn 2016 brand new, high profile Fashion Show staged airport. House of Holland Lee x 2016 spark cooperation

Yoona wears what? H:CONNECT is her first choice, of course </body> </html>

Anna Wintour has gas Rise of a new generation of The Devil Wears Prada

When it comes to "the Devil Wears Prada", people will not be free to prefix it with the word fashion. But when it comes to "The Devil Wears Prada", except in the movie the Devil Wears PRADA snobbish cool old lady was Anna Dello Russo, and Anna Wintour, Kate Lanphear senior couldn't senior fashion magazine editors.

Fashion industry veteran of "the Devil Wears Prada"

Anna Wintour has gas? Rise of a new generation of The Devil Wears Prada

Unfortunately, it is a thing of beauty that might make people tired, objects, people, on all sides. When a veteran of "The Devil Wears Prada" face wrinkles and deeper, dressing mix and "old cucumber brushed green paint smacks of", and "The Devil Wears Prada" team when the influx of new blood, people can no longer conceal their love.

Fashion needs more the Devil Wears Prada

If the old Devil Wears Prada fashion from traditional shrines, such as Paris, New York, so new the Devil Wears Prada "origin" are manifold.

Anna Wintour has gas? Rise of a new generation of The Devil Wears Prada

Have an Asian face Janie Cai, Esquire, a men's fashion magazine is Singapore version of fashion editors. For the work she put largely insulated from the stiletto, dress wear, instead of a variety of neutral and even men's match. It is said that not many women would tie, Pocket scarf women are few and far between, and Janie Cai is one of them. Was she wearing men's clothing, broke with tradition and with sweet, bright, colour grip the heart. And she's the most lethal "weapon" is a cheerful smile face, than hung on her lips, proud cool image of the Devil Wears Prada, Janie Cai affinity full.

Anna Wintour has gas? Rise of a new generation of The Devil Wears Prada

Stylebop website fashion Director Leila Yavari was born in Iran, when young left his hometown family. She studied politics, and later quit school as a model. Many people feel that her temperament is France, this is because of her mother's influence. Leila Yavari MOM like the 70 's of the last century a lot of Iran as women, wearing open, fashion, with French style, but not as conservative as they are now. Simple, elegant, fashionable, is classic for her summary.

Anna Wintour has gas? Rise of a new generation of The Devil Wears Prada

Wore a shaggy retro short curly Italy girl Valentina Di Pinto is Glamour magazine Italy Edition of fashion editors, or more magazine fashion consultant and stylist. Though not tall, but she likes pants for pizzazz. Sunglasses, scarves, handbags and other items supporting matches, she always can people get together outside the show quickly grasped what the photographer's lens.

Elizabeth von Guttman is the fashion editor of the journal System, has a standard European appearance and stature she has natural advantages like a supermodel, but Zhuo Qun wear products and sensitive nose for fashion is what allows her to be the main cause of many brand style consultant. Born in Paris and raised in New York, working in London, her dress match seems to have set this feature of several large city, casual and full of detail, handsome and very elegant.

The Devil Wears Prada dress new Anna Wintour mix fashion magazine fashion editor magazine Anna Purple chess Thor Ronaldo Zhao Shu Qi star this


Cici Gong Zhulu spring romance color dress up

Royal Blue is the color of a mature, but in this season of spring to life, is still very good

Stitching style, yellow and blue mix, beautifully dressed Fox necklace, fine feeling

Flower lace is the ladies ' element, light purple is a popular color

Lace skirt, sleeve design, with a rose flower handbag, women's dress

Slim green irregular skirts, simple style, has a different sense of fashion

White high heels, design is the lower half of the waist more slender

Lace flowers, white and Red matching, doll collar white shirt, matching lace skirt

Bright red is the touch of Spring Red

Spring is certainly not less green, yellow, and green tones

Sweater cat pattern, with a yellow hakama, seem very fresh, girl full of style

Colorful sundresses, cotton design, more absorbent comfortable to wear

Chic, bright colors, like seven-color flowers

Sleeve in black slim design, sophisticated dress up

And black background with golden flowers, composed with the taste of fashion

Is there a student feels, Oh lovers

Match simple wedges shoes, short sleeve white shirt, khaki shorts, Acne face to your dishes 1314 and beautiful new

Lace waist suit, paired with jeans chic

Laminated hem shows women charm, design of chic skinny jeans revealing a handsome

Dress up mix Sissi romance spring color design lace


Literary elegance sports there is always a right for you

Sometimes blue, sometimes clear, sometimes calm, sometimes in childhood, sometimes art, sometimes emotional, and finally even themselves do not know who is the true self, and may all be true to yourself. Life has many facets, always in different scenarios to show their different surface. Different exterior has a different dress and different accessories, watches as a man is also one of the most important of the few accessories, importance is obvious, how to mix your own links with the watch is particularly important.

Yiboluyali series GGR5680N-432BR wrist watch

Literary elegance sports there is always a right for you

Watches series: Alice series

Case material: stainless steel ion-rose gold

Strap material: genuine leather strap


Watch reviews: Ernest Borel as the Switzerland of the Haute Horlogerie brand, has been committed to the romantic and elegant culture combined with rigorous quality watchmaking perfection. Today to recommend this yiboluyali watches, watches in orderly arranged in the outer ring of the dial Roman numeral hour markers, such as promises of fidelity guards and highly refined and meaningful as the historical inscriptions. Golden hour, minute, based on the traditional model that evolved a more delicate needle tip. Equipped with night light after coating, more focus locked eyes in one fell swoop. In addition, the watch in the 3 o'clock position with a calendar window, specifically reminded the friends form a remarkable day.

Longines vintage classic series L2.803.4.23.0 wrist watch

Literary elegance sports there is always a right for you

Watches: vintage traditional series

Strap material: alligator


Wrist table reviews: this paragraph waves piano retro traditional series wrist table is waves piano in 2016 Basel watches exhibition in the launched of new wrist table, this paragraph wrist table of prototype is a gold production Yu 1960 generation of antique wrist table, new wrist table as a classic of continued, from styling Shang on can see deep of retro sense, has a that era unique of vicissitudes mature sense, perfect of with into to has now, to people a after vicissitudes of feel.

Omega Seamaster watch

Watches: Seamaster When Henry admires the appreciation of new products

Band material: stainless-steel

Case diameter: 41.5 mm


Watch reviews: Omega Seamaster watch tough and reliable, Omega classic timeless design celebrates the glorious Ocean saga. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 m watch is one of the brand's most unique watches. This watch uses the iconic "teak concept" Sun-Ray polished lacquered blue dial vertical texture reminiscent of luxury yachts on the teak deck, 3 o'clock position with the calendar window. Wear-resistant sapphire glass provides comprehensive protection for this unique dial. Watch 41.5 mm stainless-steel case, stainless-steel bracelet. This won the certification of chronometer equipped with Omega 8500 "to attain the coaxial movement", can resist more than 15,000 Gauss of magnetic field, movement is clearly visible through the transparent case back.

Summary: featured three watches of today, according to series boluyali literary elegance, Longines vintage watches for dress wear Omega Seamaster watches for sports, each under its own were decorated with a proper watch, this is the best you can.

Watches series Omega Seamaster for movement of literature and art by Bo Lu Longines

Domestic price:

Domestic price:

Domestic price:


Rebomei plays the male lead wearing table

Soon usher in the beginning of autumn, in addition to the weather is cool outside will make people happy, the show also let a lot of people look forward to the return of. Dressing mix with American shows has become a trend, other clothing other than actress, actor's watches is also very notable. The following selection of hit American TV show Bell leading men wear what's most classic, whether you like Office workers of the elite styles, science geeks individualistic, and Diablo heroes friends kefan, there is always one that appeals to you.

American casual

Rebomei plays the male lead wearing table


Editor's choice: Omega 2225.80.00 300 m Chrono Diver series watch. Seahorse 300 meters divers Chronograph, stainless-steel case stainless steel bracelet. Watch features: date display, stopwatch function, Switzerland officially certified, small seconds, row of helium valve, screw-type Crown, unidirectional rotating bezel. Use curved anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant Sapphire Crystal mirror, steel case matching blue dial case diameter 41.5 mm, water resistant to 300 meters 1000 feet). Powered by Omega 1164 self-winding chronograph movement, lawrencium plating surface. Power reserve 44 hours.

The genius geek

Rebomei plays the male lead wearing table


Editor's choice: e NIE Breva g 01 watches. The Breva is the world's first ever set time display, height gauge, the pressure gauge for weather forecasting) and power reserve indication in one watch NIE--G 01. Would like to know what the future weather conditions, through the icons of the barometer at the 2 o'clock position will be able to know, but its works because the anaerobic metal box at the 6 o'clock, one of which occupies significantly below the dial position of anaerobic metal boxes used to measure air pressure, below it another anaerobic metal box can remain sensitive to pressure the most subtle changes.

American school

Rebomei plays the male lead wearing table


Editor's choice: Tissot Tag Heuer to series automatic mechanical watch. Tissot Tag Heuer series to design very pure and noble, equipped with mechanical movement with a power of up to 80 hours of storage, but also gives endless luxury watches. Watches of pure color, fine and sleek design deliver the natural elegance of style. Through skilled use of grinding and polishing process, many design details have been highlighted. Part of the style of the series has been the COSC certification.

Business elite fan


Featured watches: Glashutte Original SENATOR AUTOMATIC 39-59-01-02-04 Watch series. New Senator self-winding watches features the classic junior stitch design. When different from the old rod, new watches using the slender slender Black Roman numeral hour markers. The orbits of the outer ring of the dial is Glashutte Original iconic minute scales. White Dial with blued steel hands, make the watch look more elegant. Trailer weight Central second accented with Glashutte Original double-g logo. Charlie s Angels on both sides sensitive skin

Watch American TV series actor series editor matches the dial breva leads


Not as qi big left five mix Magic help you quickly take off

Match the man took off his desert boots jeans five items leather suit

Fit suit

Fit suit

Fit suit

What boys do when it comes to patents, a fitted suit fitting. Use some imagination, not limited to black, white, gray, and three dull colors, want to stand out from the many suitors, wave, Plaid, bright fluorescent suits may be easier to capture beauty. Close-fitting cut, extends slowly follows your body curves, creating a charming male line. In this era of flattering, mix than fixed with exciting, bold choice is not the same as the pants, let the rhythm of the seasons and follow your suit, and can be the best shorts suit "from the" King of choice.




Jeans is the must-have item in every man's wardrobe, fashion trends in a single "evergreen tree". He was loved by the masses because of practical wear. But don't get away with that just a jeans can make you look instantly attracted to the opposite sex. If you just a fledgling, select pure color of Tsai pants more can revealed out you youth publicity of boy personality, coat to simple of plain shirt mainly, within lining as match white fit of t-, will trousers slightly rolled up 5-10 cm, to show you sexy young of ankle; if you full confidence, think himself is a letter of pure man, do old of straight tube of jeans may is you of best select. Effect of loose and comfortable, pants full sense of space and make it easy for you to walk and exercise, pairing the same loose and comfortable movement of the torso sweater, don't jump too much color, light gray, Navy Blue is a good rendering of your masculinity.

Aviator-style sunglasses

Aviator-style sunglasses

Through 13, God is absolutely one of the most important keywords. Someone fall for oboe and long legs, it was crazy for the Kitchen God father Zhang Liang. And immortal gods really have one thing in common--the pilot Sun glasses. Create cool cool neutral wind are its strengths, strong sense of street can easily deduce the unruly Street style. If you happen to be a long oboe, and modified the flaws on your face. On the match and play as much as possible, holes in jeans, classic uniform jacket is great. Wear it, not belong to you, God

The men, still in trouble: Why can't find girlfriends, don't worry about no car, no House of their own, starting from the external changes, to make a good first impression of the opposite sex, and this is the first step you start. Faded yellow aside you loose Hoodie took off down action-packed white nylon stockings. We have 5 of the horse for you "off list" items to help you get rid of the "great Sage" in the title.

Starting from the external changes

Starting from the external changes Holidays men begin to prevent holiday syndrome

Desert boots

Desert boots

Desert boots

Women always pay attention to details of animals only have exquisite furs, but absolutely no good. Say journey, fashion is still so. How feet in horse years shenghui, heavy army boots, heavy motorcycle boots, or a double with every look free Magnum desert boots? The answer proved unfounded. History of desert boots are military boots for American troops in the middle of the Gulf war equipment, namely boots for the war. His masculine charm and no less than any assigned by a shoe. Desert boots are often used to render highly textured cashmere skin, signs feature rubber soles for rough and full of manly. Practical yet stylish design is the cutesy out must-have items this year. Because the wild desert boots, as long as you keep the overall mix don't have too many abrupt color uniform the color of casual dress, wool, cotton, denim trousers of such fabrics as a match point, pants rolled up a few centimeters, faint show the edge of boots. Want to conquer the "she", try wearing desert boots.

Cropped slim leather

Cropped slim leather

Cropped slim leather

Milan fashion week last year of China "fashionable Uncle" wuxiubo, to the perfect yuppie style shocked many fashion media at home and abroad, this reveals a show with trendy looks like the literal meanings of the same, "elegance" and "PI". All say that men are not bad, woman does not love. Man fashion is not just a few puffs, says a few dirty words can shape the success of "yuppie men". Want to achieve the admiration of the opposite sex, homosexual jealousy of bad men, a cropped slim leather is definitely your best choice. A fur coat is a sign of a man. His wild, fine and all said the say a wave of swelling. And short slim trim body lines and more prominent men, giving hormones that cannot be denied. Select a plain personal t shirts, give exaggerated superfluous accessories, with good texture of denim pants, you are the people fascinated by the "yuppie hunk", have to say that this year "off" item but it is not


One you re infatuated with h Belt buckle no matter what match need to be

Decorations on the belt buckle is the belt, is the crowning touch, are important parts of the show man's tastes, preferences and style. So in order not to inflict losses on your image, the selection of a suitable belt buckle is very necessary.

How many people also think that the waist belt buckle is domineering h-type's taste? Luster feeling is full of suits, did it with a bright light makes full force? Wake up, unless you are willi Best HIFI experience theater level high performance

How to wear a belt looks great?

Belt concealed detail beauty

Currently, the men's trousers are based on waist size to choose, pants around will not be too big or too small, leather bring tighten waist pants practicality has become less important, so no matter what style belt, to Wai properly fastened to his waist, showing its decorative enough. Jack belt should not be too much: some people in order to facilitate, in playing a series of holes on the belt tied to the waist, destroyed belt overall effect, very ugly.

Generally speaking, the length of the belt, belt buckle belt after insert two overlapping prevail and lead to insert first tripping over Pant, belt jacks the best three to five, seat tightness after the third hole in the Middle as the standard. Coordinating color belts and shoes: when you wear a belt, to consider the color of shoes, and shoe color is the most appropriate approach, maintaining harmony.

Belt Belt belt buckle matches need to be cautious man picking trendsetter caution

ng to be called upstart, or still more low-key line up would be good.Outline of waist glitter

Outline of waist glitter

Selection of belt buckles

Selection of belt buckles

You should choose what kind of belt buckles?

Trend of the belt changes, caused in large part by hook. Hook shapes, sizes, also shows a man's charm. From fixations, divided into the buckle and buckle for belt fastener.



HASP is invisible in the belt buckle of the surface used to fasten a belt with metal strips and, therefore, more formal. General and formal wear suit pants or shirt.

Buckle type

Buckle type

Easier to buckle, often taking and casual wear to go with.

Two rings of the belt buckle style rugged casual

Two rings of the belt buckle style rugged casual

In addition to the above two, there are more rugged double-loop. Simply around two turns of the belt can be fixed. Generally speaking, this kind of belt buckles and canvas material mix for all look very casual clothes such as jeans.

One: you're infatuated with h? Belt buckle no matter what match need to be cautious

Belt buckle some small

Different belt width, belt buckles and naturally would have changed. In addition to the design of individual love to blame win, their size is proportional to the.

Belt more refined

Belt more refined

When choosing a matching, best personal stature and tripping over Pant size determines the size of a belt buckle. Short man accompanied by a generous flat-belt buckles, shows off the bright spots on the belly would seem equally, clunky clumsy rude feeling, a tall lanky man fitted with a small ring-shaped belt buckle, can appear serious enough, thin. Unless your personal aura is really powerful, what clothes wear out your own style, otherwise, is still an honest according to the traditional walking is good.

Leisure time best choice bold belt

Leisure time best choice bold belt

What will be accidental, of course, if the dressing is too strong, belt buckle or with the style is better. As the Cowboys, even if small, you haven't seen him tie a fine leather belt cool bar


Combination of tough guy style pickups and Chevrolet new car SUV

Appearance, Colorado Rally concept car has a full, more rounded with thick lines, more young, dynamic colors. Also has powerful expression, as if ready to face the challenges of competition at any time. Front front tank cover more than Colorado Colorado Rally concept car to maintain a modified design, and some subtle changes to make the car look more rugged

In mid-June of Argentina in Buenos Aires auto show, Chevrolet brought a Colorado Rally concept car, which like the SUV Yu Pika fitting models, through the exterior modifications bring breath like Rally racing.

Colorado Rally concept car

Combination of tough guy style pickups and Chevrolet new car SUV

Has a full, more rounded with thick lines

In order to cope with the arduous cross-country Rally events demand, Chevrolet Colorado front protection bar area was enlarged and fully made of wear-resistant plastic material. And in order to face the harsh terrain in Rally competitions, Chevrolet also replaced before the larger plates, and modifying the front protection bar angles, allowing vehicles with greater angle of attack, to face the more serious, dangerous road conditions. Another strong trailer hook, and has a 5.5 horsepower winch, let Colorado Rally concept car with a lot of wild.

Combination of tough guy style pickups and Chevrolet new car SUV

Strong towing hook Sweet heart compact clear say goodbye to black

Paired with 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain t/a off road tires, off-road ability reflected in added using acrylic material for lightweight window, will generate a strong Rally for the Colorado Rally concept car racing flavor. Cargo compartment, is carrying out pallets as well as full size spare tire, needed to prepare for any emergency situation on the field.

Combination of tough guy style pickups and Chevrolet new car SUV

BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain t/a off road tires

Combination of tough guy style pickups and Chevrolet new car SUV

Match the height-adjustable suspension system

And in order to face the challenges of cross-country, Chevrolet Colorado Rally concept car replacement for up to 140mm of shaped, and match the height-adjustable suspension system, or who have low vision in order to face the night section of Colorado Rally concept car head lights, fog lights and other improvements have been made, also installed roof searchlight in front of groups, for lack of head lamp area.

Further reading: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Commemorative Edition can DIY power

A live-action Transformers Movie Bumblebee's dominance, while the Chevrolet Camaro sports car also was known by more people. Chevrolet Camaro is actually a United States flag, and represents the optimism. Chevrolet also has a and Ferrari sports cars, Porsche rivals--Corvette are not so famous, but it really can be called United States honoring sports, as well as GM's top Super car brand. Chevrolet recently ushered in their 100-year anniversary, of course also launched the Corvette Z06 's centenary Edition models to celebrate.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 centenary Edition released

YOKA cars reviews:

Chevrolet concept cars SUV pickup off-road tough commemorative anniversary Coupe


Told me to tall slender sister Oversize sweater coat saves Petite girls

Late autumn early winter coats the streets make you start, to know the classic must be provisioned, sweater coat you need to know, a wide variety of styles to choose? Be sure to choose Oversize, don't think that style can't handle your little body. You can choose a pullover with long skirts, little 1:1 wearing a lift so fashionable, or choose the safest ride method put dress sweater coat, edit for you find the 4 most typical collocations model using sweater coats to warm your heart.

Match the model

"Grandma card" retro sweater coat and born had a sense of itself too much printing style Cardigan with a pair of dark pants, how to stay warm, remember to put a pullover, so eat it warm than inside a swell coat painted a lot of Oh.

Match suggestions

This comfortable "Gozilla" Cardigan combines two major trends of the season: blankets, clothing and the new Western style. It uses a profile cut, fitted with convex seams and pockets, and the use of metallic thread woven designs, add to its overall modernization. Its body is accompanied by mushrooms, storm blue and red, creating a charming spell effect, use it to create casual look.

MAJE Cardigan around 3000 Yuan

J Brand Jeans about 1320 RMB

Thakoon Addition bag about 7560 Yuan

Thakoon Addition shoe about 2820

Match the model

Sometimes a garment style can determine your overall style, like a Cardigan, fabrics thick enough to let you in late fall and early winter love it, softly toward the shoulders top ride is very graceful.

Match suggestions

This Cardigan by the brand's signature woven crochet process. Two kinds of warm bright red and orange zig-zag patterns, to create a four seasons for both items. Recommended use it on the weekends with jeans.

M Missoni Cardigan around 3000 Yuan

Equipment dress about 1500 Yuan

Saint Laurent Crossbody about 12500 RMB

Lanvin wedge heels about 3600

Match the model

Even if you put a sweater as a base, coats can also try to choose a style of sweater coat, don't assume you can't handle strong lenient to little models, this Oversize wear in little man was very tasty.

Match suggestions 2014 new year lucky hung wrist Red

This coarse knit cardigans choose the soft luxury of Alpaca yarn woven. It uses a profile cut, with a shawl collar, front pockets and wide sleeves, called wardrobe must-have. Recommended stainless-cut trousers and Bullock shoes, casual style in the end.

Maiyet Cardigan about 5650

Dagmar slacks about 1560 Yuan

Maison Kitsun tannin shirt about 1740 Yuan

Adidas by Stella McCartney shoes about 1320 RMB

Match suggestions

Not Cardigan shirts also can Dang coat, thick of fabric and most with features of Oversize, on can meet this fall/winter fashion of defined, seems now is popular 1:1 of style, no longer is explicit slender double leg of season's, long coat match long skirt, as long as match a double high with or pine cake shoes, completely without worried height of problem, such of dress Style is by welcomes.

Match the model

The wool silk blend sweater is definitely not to be missed the luxury choice. Comfortable shape and slightly longer back design for this soft items injects a hint of modern fashion. Might as well match the same color sweatpants and pointy heels, to create the perfect outfit.

Stella McCartney Cardigan around 4380

Donna Karan skirt for about 9000 RMB

Linda Farrow sunglasses about 3200 Yuan

Charlotte Olympia heels about 6000 RMB

Matching oversize sweater coat sweaters cardigans mix rescue demonstration jacket tall


May day I want to be a foodie beauty kitchen fried rice in nutrition

Plant s classic match don t go thirsty skin in

Nutrition 51 eat green beans rice broccoli Ham with a simple

Fried rice cooking is easy to learn, which can be a side dish and can be used as a staple food. Proper material selection and still satisfy your stomach fast nutrition meal ~

Ingredients: ham, green beans, cabbage, meat, garlic, onions, eggs, rice preferably cool rice)

Preparation, you can taste mix, can be an appropriate mix of colors in the color, color, aroma, full range

Preparation complete the next step is to practice, look not to wrong steps. 1 dice the ham, green beans cut into small sections, broccoli, shredded, shredded meat cut into thin strips

Course: 1, the pot come on, to 6 hot fried egg.

2, add minced garlic pork, ham, fried flavor.

3, add green beans and stir until green

4, put in the rice, add Broccoli Stir Fry above fusion material evenly. To the cooked rice loose, add salt, soy sauce and stir-fry. Overflow after flavor, sprinkle green onion pan, transfer to a plate.

Haha, simple, want something done right do it yourself0


Worry free summer hair star tied up girl ponytail

Young hair first step: clean

Keras cracked Crystal light Shampoo young hair length with no absolute relationship, vibrant young and healthy hair is the most important key to young.

Young hairstyles three guidelines: ncoarse/fine) of RMB 220/250ml

Mild purification system, silicone-free formula, does not contain preservatives and colouring agents, gentle clean and moderately moist after using hair instant brightening, hair is graceful and elegant, soft and easy to care.

Young hair the second step: nursing

Keras cracked Crystal light conditioner RMB 320/200ml

Light and creamy texture, soft and moist, to create fresh water, silky smooth hair.

Young hair step three: rhyme

Keras cracked-Crystal essences RMB 285/50m

Light and delicate, easily absorbed, foods high in complex optical effect particles and smoothing factor. After using the hair a moment like the injection beam light, moist texture of the dynamic and elegant, immediately reflected into perfection of the Crystal light effect

Summer girls matching hair hair in ponytail long hair star style

ever greasy collapse flat, fluffy enough to be soft, Super shiny, moist

In anticipation of the summer season of bloom, Paris keras full of shared meaning between girlfriends, new cracked Crystal light series bring hair into light in a secret, for the urban young women on the colorful life of Crystal beautiful close-up

Hair falling there is no spirit, looking like lost light yellow face of Lord ShivaTeen girls-like ponytail style

Schoolgirl-like hair of the ponytail is quick and easy to complete, Star not only love, but also shows the most commonly used hairstyle. But at the same time a simple ponytail is changing shape, different tie can bring about different style.

Christian Dior, David Koma catwalk modelling show smooth texture; House of Holland and slightly messy ponytail style Matthew Williamson show lively and spontaneous. Different hair texture and high ponytail will render different styles, so even at work, can change every day different styles to match outfits.

Small Tip: summer young pure ponytail hair flick is the key

Show FavoritesA high ponytail like Hayden Panettiere, and fluorescent-colored lipstick, exanimate.

If you like to wear high-necked Drew Barrymore

High neck chiffon shirt retro this summer is also very popular, but if you choose such a garment, you need just like Drew Barrymore, combed back hair, natural curly hair behind the ear to create a neat quality, it does not matter even if the hair a little dry

If you don't like complicated hairstyles Jessica Pare

Like tied ponytail is probably OK, in order to avoid too much mediocrity, can make a summary on the hair side, matching summer pop of bold, colorful costumes, will be very fashionable.

If you like fluorescence, like tail of Hayden Panettiere

High ponytail with a dynamic, fluorescent colour lipstick perfectly match this summer

If you want to be more alternative Denise Vasi

Black straight hair if your hair in a high ponytail, very dramatic, with a slim like Denise Vasi's little black dress, was more dynamicHair is soft you could try Jessica Chastain in the prefrontal part of the electricity volume bar volume the hair well and then play back, spray hair spray on, let it look fluffy.

If you are a MILF Kate Beckinsale

"Chaos and not random" ponytail hair style is one of Hollywood's actresses the red carpet favorite hairstyle. Kate Beckinsale is 39 years old, but did not see any traces of time, not difficult to deny Gao Pan tail does a great deal of effect, forehead hair, messy ponytail look is easy to learn and very effectiveHair comb caught with her hands tied up, electricity volume bar to separate treatment is hair hair, natural and special.

If you are lively, Kristin Chenoweth

Although the distribution is red, but the side ponytail to be outdone, like Kristin Chenoweth ponytail tie side, of course, only if you have curly hair, because it makes you appear more lively, if you have straight hair, the side tied pony tail gas can only bring out students.

If your hair is very soft Jessica Chastain

If you don't have a sexy, fluffy curls and no romantic relationshipsPonytail looks cuteIs different from the form of a ponytail, messy hair style, well with clean clothing especially shirts and jeans.

If you are a doll face Jayma Mays

Babyface Jayma Mays is ideal for curly hair, and if the illusion of hair tied in a pony will look very cute

If your hair is the University of Beyonce

Beyonce black and white costumes people made a deep impression, and if your hair is relatively large, may wish to comb a smooth straight ponytail mix bun, with elegant Queen fashions Diamonds capture a man s heart is skillfully take

If your face is less Selena Gomez

If your face like Selena Gomez short, then sent out to catch a little hair, and then turned, fixed with hair gel, play a role in pushing lifting, can make the face look longer, then tie a ponytail, has a youthful freshness.

If you want to become fresh and Alessandra Ambrosio

Weimi supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio romantic tie side braided must try

If you like heavy makeup Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian pregnant still frequent appearances in front of the crowd, even broke up with kids his dad Kanye West has been passed down, but it did not affect her sexy face, even if you only put a simple ponytail can also use red lip, volume styling looks pretty thick eyelashes do not in General

Summer arrived, long hair girls begin to worry about, sultry weather with long hair like Zenith cover cap on your head, not only prone to acne, sweating, scalp, behind the ears and neck badly, and easy to grow bacteria, hair is not healthy. Best way is to tie a pony tail to deal with, but the older models are only suitable for "State-owned enterprises", to stylish and light to work, quickly take a look at how the stars do it


Commuter and leisure balance does not give up any touch up appearance

Slightly perspective-shirt matching striped skirt, took off his white suit is dressed casually, but with a suit and high heels, there are commuter-filled tunes.

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Suit always give people a very stable feel, with definition of casual place. But we can bring some leisure suit color. For example buttons do not tie and cuff volume. Can change the wind harp pleated black dress suit pants, button-style before a little retro, and elevate your fashion sense. LG LEGO mobile phone how do you want to play

Commuter commuting and leisure outfit fashion people give up the suit and black fashion

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

In the company standing suit jacket and small heels right. Just like this commuter looks great holiday feeling, that does not feel stiff and uncomfortableUpper body matching knitted bellyband design sleeveless shirt, if you feel your upper body irregularities, that shirt is also available. This most important is not the upper body, but the bows at the waist. Pants of the same color, so it is not intentionally decorated, except that the trousers are the styles, with decorativeRed Turtleneck shirt, looks nothing out of place. But when a collar wavy, look good times, beauty can take a little longer in the mirror.

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Small high-waist trousers, you can not choose black, even if you put the ink blue, believes there is no boss to ask you anything. Commuter-packed leisure is that you what to wear and what makes itself the principle of changing it. Waistband in itself, it is not. Itself in the waist, it is taken in high waist. There are areas where we can adjust.

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Equally high waist pants, was low key green. But this color, not too many people would dare to wearCompany and a pair of black small heel is not?

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Blue sleeveless shirt and white skirt, what's to explain? Contents of the basic model to commute death, so in not unique. So today is expected to pass small objects and enhance a sense of fashion. Even if the dress does not leave space for belt, take a thin belt, and the method must not be too rigid and make it like a bowknot decorations.

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Most headaches, no change to the one that sank black over the knee pencil skirt? Don't be sad, let its vibrant today

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Although go to work without staring at stiletto, but there are still many companies from a provision, to wear with heels, wear open toe, and so on. He duct you on my way to work wearing a horse God, right? Angle Sandals must be wornA thunderbolt, is tantamount to telling a woman of beauty, like you can wear the same clothes every day, it is difficult to accept. Coupled with the pencil skirts and trousers are uncomfortable, that you can choose a black stretch cotton leggings and comfortable but also show a curveIf the company is not so bad, small can teach you how to put the commuter and some leisure element. Can you wear to work, and would not feel that imprisonment is not comfortable. The key is to inadvertently "turn" into casual wear.

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

White shirt has a lot of company provided is "must"

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Fashion talent model commuter with casual wear

Don't think of "commuter outfit" that terrible ... Anyway, have to face every day, better to readily accept and create itBut if work can be more easily how well dressed? Commuter and leisure can also have in fact is not a difficult task. You tell you not to give up any chance of self touch up appearance and spirit, you will be able to take into account good

Said a commuter with a lot of people have "trouble" doesn't work, which means that work begins


Mulberry introduces new Camden handbags

Mulberry Creative Director Johnny Coca has launched a new Camden handbags. Camden catering specifically for the fast-paced city life, Mulberry's iconic color, color of clay color, purplish red, Indigo, black and tri-color combination skin including Brown, Maroon, yellow and fawn, emerald green, Midnight Blue combination.

Mulberry introduces new Camden handbags

Camden charm can be changed through the bag shape and feeling combined with their own style. Camden can be changed easily using only four zipper Hobo bag or handbag.

Johnny said "United Kingdom punk inspired me to use my zipper's signature metal fittings as part of the design.

Mulberry introduces new Camden handbags

"Zipper to reverse the luxurious materials, formation of avant-garde aesthetics. Camden is a software package that can be used every day.

Mulberry introduces new Camden handbags

Mulberry handbag zipper avant-garde maroon, the Creative Director of urban life punk accessories Mulberry handbag Maple office workers must


Tang boyfriend appeared outside her dressing style analysis

Wang white striped shirt star style stars favourite in the Polarized Sunglasses, and black shirt with a black suit, chic suit collar reveal fashion care. Go likes to hold hands with a big s, anything declared "was sportsman."

Style winner Tang boyfriend dress shirt, white dress shirt trend indicators

Winning tricks: gentle

Tang boyfriend appeared outside her dressing style analysis

Sub-Benin is a brilliant host, a suit is his essential Look, white shirt and white tie, this seeming "hypocritical" in combining but likable. On the white shirt again is a "sister Jiang Wei law" Plaid scarf, literary temperament full House clean state.

Winning tricks: confidence is the sportsman

Tang Wei, the goddess appeared with new boyfriend Hong Qiao airport, instantaneous changes to hot topic, let us dress fashion degree resolution together, look at how the external actor "catch" our goddess.

Winning tricks: vest matching Plaid Shirt Bright couldn t look You see you see that pretty

Tang boyfriend appeared outside her dressing style analysis

Hu Jing a casual dress in the picture, art on the Plaid Shirt and dark jeans, lined with a white t-shirt, simple and classic. This Look but practical life wardrobes, if you have such complex you will give yourself a sportsman. Sexy moustache up with this scene, this is not a winning tactic?

Winning tricks: simple and practical

Tang boyfriend appeared outside her dressing style analysis

Dayao Microblogs often dry facts, help people sell food, someone else, by the user's favorite. And her boyfriend style like so simple black t-shirt, men's wardrobes wardrobes. The mountaineering shelter, is a photographer's standard. Absolute practical wind


Preemption segments MINI PACEMAN buggies

Recently, under the MINI PACEMAN series again published a series, modified models for the Quattro version and name for the ALL4. Its drive system from the company of brothers MINI COUNTRYMAN All4 timely four-wheel drive system, General conditions for the front-wheel-drive, front-wheel slip when power will be allocated by the trip computer to the rear wheel. For the fans who love the MINI, stylish look is the biggest highlights MINI different from other models. MINI PACEMAN front grille with double chrome-plated design banners, looks simple and fashionable. In addition, the new mix is particularly eye-catching wheel, main personalized MINI to provide consumers with a variety of sizes to be selected. Vitality of the MINI PACEMAN All4 1.6T gasoline engine is equipped with diesel engines and 1.6T, 1.6T gasoline engine's maximum output power up to 184 horsepower, with a 6-speed manual transmission that PACEMAN All4 deliberate, there is also a 6-speed manual one transmission choice. MINI body always hidden under a wide variety of configurations, as MINI new cars, the emergence of PACEMAN All4 is very reasonable in MINI camp, is plausible, but market feedback will soon tell us, this layout is successful. Bulgari Serpenti Watch series 2016 table of Basel

Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies Preemption segments-MINI PACEMAN buggies

Mini four-wheel drive front-wheel-drive gasoline engine personalization comes with a 360 garage gear


TOD S 2017 due out in Milan spring men s collection

TODS 2017 due out in Milan spring men's collection

Step into the showroom, stands an old wooden table contained in the sight of all, full of nostalgia and reverence. It is the Tod's group of brothers DIEGO DELLA VALLE and ANDREA DELLA VALLE's grandfather's leather bench, who never thought that now Tod's story is from the table and began the Kingdom of, today it is more of an obsession with craft under oath, indicating 2017 spring-summer men's theme of inheritance--beginner's mind, enduring. Support of Jiang Shu ying FURLA China s first

TODS 2017 due out in Milan spring men's collection

Men's collection this season to TOD'S 'Fresco a Printing' and coloring technology as the main body, whether shoes, bags or relatives on the clothes are all retro t old mellow effect. Each a unique Crystal like Italy mottled brick walls of the old building, as if revisiting the birthplace of the Renaissance of the new. As churches, art galleries and museums, or like a Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and other masters of the artworks, art addiction with a long thick trail combined with leather craft, refresh reshapes belongs to the TOD'S of timeless aesthetics.


Late new year s trip to skin care creating a healthy moist and good

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

When it comes to moisture, this ingredient is hyaluronic acid is a common, transparent acid is hyaluronic acid, both winter and summer using hyaluronic acid ingredients skin care is the best, it is no harm to the skin, skin-friendly and good, strong water retention function. Morita-intensive moisturizing essence, enriched with hyaluronic acid serum, make up the water molecules directly into the stratum corneum of the skin, conditioning the skin supple and shiny, healthy state.

Brown eye dropper bottle design, small and simple, not overly slick packaging, real prices are the reason why people fall in love with it, the same ingredients, same result, prices are however hundreds, this is real good stuff.

Transparent glass small dropper designs, you can easily control every usage, dropper a little Groove to prevent serum uncontrolled dripping, 30mL essence of this bottle has about 300 drops, two months is enough.

Hyaluronic acid is relatively thick texture, twist a twist by hand, there is a little drawing, it is mild, skin is good, no harm to the skin.

Transparent liquid drops on the skin, slightly thick texture make it the liquidity is not so good, without the slightest taste, smell sensitive people can't go wrong.

Gently open, thick, moist texture instantly turns into water, paint drops will appear in, but no sticky feeling.

After completely absorb the essence of the skin, and a shiny layer of water film on the surface, but without any sticky or slippery to the touch, refreshing the skin, very comfortable.

Skin moisture changes, you know how powerful this essence replenishment effect and reveal a little secret, is used after toner, skin moist State essence, gently massage, increases the skin's ability to lock the water, of course, followed by a more good tips.

Nature is the essence and then use a Morita drug make-up water storage HO hyaluronic hydrating mask, Morita cosmeceuticals by microbial fermentation optimization of medical cosmetic grade pure hyaluronic acid developed water water conservation water cubic moisturizing formula. Newly-promoted hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed perfectly, completely locking in moisture in the stratum corneum.

Each box there are four one-sided film, half a month. Morita's mask is very familiar, but the newly-promoted innovative stealth stretch mask, essence of adsorption 8 times times its own weight, silky touch

The thin texture, like silk, light, soft, soft, paste, water, heavy weight, really are the essence of adsorbed Super liquid.

Manual soft facial mask to your face, removing Pearl film, mask and skin cling tight and completely, as the second layer of skin-like, inject sufficient moisture.

Use moisturizing Rudra no hihou 1+1>2, with just these two simple small partners, create moist skin, age is not a difficult task.

Essence skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid mask new year health care to build

Was going to come back in a few years dakaidage to write a few posts, how busy the store years ago, after all, a lot of new arrivals, the first day of work, PI Woo-mile River, has a cold, around flu cases flu or a bad cold. Colleagues before cold injections do not bottle it isn't, roll on their physical fitness to despise Ah ~ ~ now it was their turn, and really don't love sick life ill for a long time is not good, and how growing up? Head was dizzy, do not know I have posts to write it? A cold sense of dizziness for new glasses, was wrong?

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Regardless of her Halo is Halo, don't bask in Chinese new year, the end of the year. Chinese new year back home large bags, streamlining brought some skincare products, but aspects cannot be ignored, and came home with some good things it'll be a lot better.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

New year from scratch do up, first pieces baby natural is nursing sent's, to meet new year volume deliberately to hot volume has head hair, this Xia is donated has, but sent dry of sister paper injury not up high temperature Ah, see colleagues hot had of hair layer layer of points fork, and put put of dry, volume must cannot so sample, so zhiqian prepared of silk Yun deep repair nursing more effect repair nursing milk must to with home's.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

From Japan Syoss salon brand aggregates, using professional formula for Asian hair, value for money very good. Multiple-effect this repair deep lotion four main ingredients: amino acids and keratin mix penetrates to the depths of the core, repair damaged hair; and hydrolysed silk sericin protein mix intensive nourishing hair and makes hair healthy and supple and shiny.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Black and white minimalist packaging, round pressure bottle, gently press the bottle when using, apply appropriate amount of lotion in your Palm. Beautiful not cold late autumn charm set

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Translucent white lotion texture more akin to clotting, exudes a light scent, his hands after rubbing, curd oil into a transparent color.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Gently and evenly Yu Bangan hair or dry hair to the tips of the hair and gently massage until fully absorbed, a simple step, it will have a better effect.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

There is no sense of thick and sticky, fresh and unworn, a hint of fragrance, new shapes, new beginning, start all over again.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Skin most important of is moisturizing, new year home coax give rise to make of, temperature high, and sleep late, not do skin moisturizing, how radiant of on new year's day of Ah, for volume prepared has price super high of Sen field drug makeup moisturizing sisters set: transparent quality acid sodium intensive moisturizing essence liquid +HO glass uric acid storage water fill wet mask, legend in the match using can reached 6 times times of fill water effect, heart was has's


Baby high round married don t drop powder to see win win sweet elder sister

Baby with Jamie it's sweet to get fed up with CP also finally get a card, and who says that married people can't remain sweet? As the spokesman of OLAY Angelababy tells you not to have a young face, being a wife, don't forget to love yourself well.

And she exudes a charming aura, so you have to like her.

GAO Yuanyuan baby dress with woman and man, Shu Qi white Yang Mixin

Standing next to the goddess with the color match is often how photos are not pleased, but baby but we played a little

Standing next to the goddess with the color match is often how photos are not pleased, but baby but we played a little "sketchy", covered with White Leather tops and short shorts, a pair of sweet heart Warrior look with "female man" image next to the Shu Qi grab a lot of lenses.

Sea breezes, sunshine, long hair, bare back ... ... Look at this little maid tossing upon her is a breeze.

Sea breezes, sunshine, long hair, bare back ... ... Look at this little maid tossing upon her is a breeze. Face and hairstyle best suited program

Even with a wife and baby still childlike look at her private lift items, Bambi and Leopard print shoes with every piece of childlike elements visible Baby do-Oh ~ ~

Even with a wife and baby still childlike look at her private lift items, Bambi and Leopard print shoes with every piece of childlike elements visible Baby do-Oh ~ ~

Baby high round married don't drop powder to see win-win sweet elder sister's dress to remember With the color of clothing with two people, not only the two men seem young and dynamic, instant BABY also was sworn in

With the color of clothing with two people, not only the two men seem young and dynamic, instant BABY also was sworn in "Mrs Bishop" of sovereignty.

High round wore a Stella McCartney black dress, asymmetric hem dress chic and full of fun, with a special gel for hair, handsome and generous.

High round wore a Stella McCartney black dress, asymmetric hem dress chic and full of fun, with a special gel for hair, handsome and generous.

Michael Kors round against the pale blue tailored dress high feminine. Hip chic bow design, with its fresh and sweet.

Michael Kors round against the pale blue tailored dress high feminine. Hip chic bow design, with its fresh and sweet.

Simple grey printed tee+ bag hip dress let his round looked more like my neighbor, Queen Street can also be

Simple grey printed tee+ bag hip dress let his round looked more like my neighbor, Queen Street can also be "wind woman"

GAO Yuanyuan works with small but is fine, just like her style, just like a picture book, beauty, a variety of styles and high, beautiful appearance, superb clothes, the achievements of the goddess Gao Yuanyuan.

Liu Tao, this Queen of the Chloe spring/summer 2015 model range, and put on the shoulders of Blue Coat makes her look complete.

Liu Tao, this Queen of the Chloe spring/summer 2015 model range, and put on the shoulders of Blue Coat makes her look complete.

A Fendi dress 2015 series Pansy dress in spring and summer, this national wife looks gorgeous and atmosphere.

"People's daughter-in-law," Liu Tao is more known after marriage and handsome, grasping with both hands to win. Each appearance before the public, and whether it is active or street style name almost never been wrong before. Although Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabbana big increase, Liu Tao was a stick but not intruding, but better bring out her character.

In Alberta Ferretti spring/summer 2015 new print skirt, Yang MI, body thin completely see she already has one daughter. Wavy curly hair makes her look especially attractive.

Tail + white shirt with a blue pleated skirt, dressed in girl private costume play Yang Mimei no friends of the wind.

Yang selected the Chanel spring/summer 2015 series is very perfect, more slimming vertical stripes, clothing layers, shorts and baggy silhouette is even more casual and comfortable feeling, strapless top with a sexy smell, and long legs showing her most confident in front of the crowd.

Since a mother, the "girl" of the title but has been following Yang. Sometimes intellectual and sometimes dress like a tender, sometimes beautiful and sometimes low profile, Dick FRY-day power-power is the highest realm of can do hot Mama: long chest not only meat


Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

Chasing and looking for a snazzy leader, from the dress, not all of the quirky style works best for you, nor is the most fashionable. Rather than improve the stiff shirt and pants, select a bright color and tight skinny jeans and accessories, of course also enough personality, glasses, earrings, necklaces, and so on, all the clothing and accessories in the designer's performance in the match head. So bizarre and said NO, fashion from a decent improvement.

DKNY 2011 FW

Face competition in the financial industry, earlier if you are entering the world of the newborn, be sure to enjoy wearing won the interviewers. Dress with small coat combinations, it can enhance their own qualities. So if you're working in the financial industry personnel, you can choose some beautiful dresses, mix some small earrings, breaking the rigid dress code before, around the new winning favorite.

Worn clothing working to subvert the stylish professional color Phillip

Fashion editor, of course, to dress more fashionable, always leading in the lastest fashion. The jumpsuits are of course not less hot spells sharply reduced this year, early autumn, sooner or later, cool can be worn with cropped motorcycle jacket. With a small decorated with accessories and participate in activities must become the focus of public.

Phillip Lim 2011 FW

Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

As a Manager, first of all, your dress should not be too childish, not so in sports and leisure. Certainly too formal may influence your affinity. Simple and elegant, it should be the best choice for you. Not with a plethora of accessories, a stylish silk jackets were paired with a solid color pants pattern different careers you can choose a different color, fashion, it may be bright colors can be grouped together, with a sense of color. If more rigorous management, colors should be simple and solemn, not too fancy.

Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

Phillip Lim 2011 FW

Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

Strict law from dressing best not to have too much color on the color, rigorous black and white best reflects occupational characteristics, black and white. Autumn, the suit can have, but the choice of styles you can choose individual in detail, pants Joker rigorous black is a good choice. A match does not think it is too dull married dress so be sure to pay attention to the little details, wear same clothes the most fashionable style.

Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

G-Star 2011 FW

Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

Babes in the public relations industry, in fact, is followed by the forefront of fashion trends. Of course every day to contact many customers or partners, must be generous and dignified, decent and smart. Unabated in harem pants and suits very favourable showing able and generous side.

Balmain 2011 FW

Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

IT girls every day the busy, stressful work environment and job content, not special attention for dressing. Make dressing to your work every day, and believe IT women busy at work all day, it will become IT fashions a sister. Suit everywhere, and still very popular. Double breasted suit loose, with a comfortable vest will let you put aside all the tense atmosphere.

Subversion clothing in the workplace in the past match the original super easy

DKNY 2011 FW

For girls in administrative occupations, first of all, not bound by the rigid dress oneself, sitting in the Office every day, might as well try some comfortable clothing, Joker jeans and loose sweaters, comfortable flat shoes can make you comfortable moving in the nine-to-five job to spend. Soup Po held in Beijing the good life starting

Whether it be primary school teachers or university teachers, must have a very good rapport, dress, do not exaggerate wear crisp feel, such as high heels and suit, if you are engaged in the education sector, it is best to wear something casual, there is generally a decent clothing. Popular striped shirts, with a casual jeans, chic scarves will let you increase the affinity, either your students or colleagues, this friendly match will bring admiration eyes.

Journalists are running around, running in every scene, interview story. Should aim at a comfortable, of course. Than too relaxed shoes, canvas shoes is quite comfortable. Loose tops and pants in order to relax your entire body, will not be tired for a long time affect your mood and work status, Oh

Commuters have to Fashion, if in the pursuit of rigid workplace dress code, then you are definitely OUT. Abandoning rigid suits, let depending on the professional image, for you to match the different types of new fashion wear


Female big spring summer clothing PK series the twilight fan ye Snatcher

Diane Kruger

Fan bingbing Diane Kruger) Small Tanuki to create the most beautiful makeup

"Diane Kruger of" CHANEL resort collection in the 2013 spring blue sequin dress

Blingbling thermal element is no less great for fall/winter, then Chanel Navy Blue sequin dress is naturally favored by celebrities, it tube top design loose at the waist is very people, Diane mix vintage yellow silk hand bag, a perfect interpretation of vintage beauties.

Marion-Cotillard VS Angelababy

"Ground spring/suMarion Cotillard)

"Marion Cotillard-Concordia" uniform series of DIOR spring/summer 2013

Recent movie premieres, award ceremony, where ultimately, Marion Cotillard-Leah wearing new dresses and figure, and almost all are Dior2013 spring/summer dress, the former spokesman of the LADY DIOR bag, under Christian Dior designer favorite.

Emma Watson VS Uma-Thurman

"Calvin Klein" Emma Watson VS Uma-Thurman VS Sarah-Jessica-Parker

Emma Watson: who appeared in the Harry Potter series of films a gun and Red girl Emma-Watson in 2013 the new spring/summer black mini dress and nude stitching, simple and elegant high heels and upper pivot design even more of their small woman with sexy.

Uma-Thurman: 2013 spring/summer black seduce dress suit, highlighting the waist was cropped and perspective of fabrics used, increasing the mystique of mature women, bring out the sexy Uma-Thurman's deadly charm.

Sarah Jessica Parker: starred in the sex and the city red all over the world, "New York street fashion weather vane," Sarah Jessica Parker wore wrapped dress spring/summer 2013 series, continuing a CaLVin Klein this season emphasizes the design of waist trim fabric and used a lot of perspective, especially Sarah sexy small waists and legs.

Anna Wintour mmer zero2013 latest series" fan bingbing VS Angelababy

Fan ye: dressAnna Wintour)

"Anna Wintour," Christian Dior spring/summer VS Michael Kors 2013 spring series

Dressed in a new metallic rose spring/summer Christian Dior dress to attend the 2012 the WSJ magazine innovator of the year award, warm shades of makeup, signature smile LOOK, plain, sleeveless shirt, simple fashion, seem particularly shining diamond necklace on the neck but not pompous, it is really low-key gorgeous.

Michael Kors holiday dress series appeared in the 2013 spring 2012 Golden Heart Awards, Royal blue silk fabrics, bright stars full rhinestone necklaces and belts, a pair of Anna prefer classic nude heels, perfect ladies styling, extravagant to call people dumb.

Spring/summer spring/summer collection series women early in the twilight fan ye vs big Vuitton

ed in a United Kingdom brand of Ground zero2013 spring/summer bear later series transformers printed white dresses, with Stephane rolland2012 high in the autumn series on white flower shoes, called up.

Angelababy: a Ground Zero2013 spring and summer color dress open front gown, blue apron designs, continue to sell MOE to be playful.

Howth yan VS spike

"Louis Vuitton2013 early spring series" Howth yan VS spike

Siyan Huo: a Huo Xiaojie have among the fashion ICON, participate in conferences and fashion down more frequently than fan ye, a plaid pink long dress pink long dress suit, both sweet and ripe.

He Sui: supermodel figure ride dress is a cinch, tall figure coveted, cute bows and retro shades are feel

Tang Wei: dressed in a white Chanel resort collection in the 2013 spring hollow skirt, a pair of simple black Repetto Ballet flats without extra accessories, perfect like a goddess, perfect play with less is the law of the United States

Kristen Stewart Fan ye and Chen Yao is not a vegetarian, spring/summer to snap turn twice to give up

Recent twilight Thunder rage women out of the eating event and Robert recover feeling is bold and frequently attended the premiere, burn it upKristen Stewart)

"Christine" Balenciaga spring/summer 2013 Halter VS Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2013 x even installed

Christine is wearing Balenciaga spring/summer 2013 sexy Butterfly halter top and Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2013 series-checkerboard even attended the film's publicity, perfect proportions and fair skin, completely white body does not does not mind, how sexy.

Yao VS Tang

"CHANEL resort collection in the 2013 spring" Yao VS Tang

Yao: Star appeared in Harper's Bazaar charity night wearing CHANEL 2013 spring series white dress, she was the first to wear CHANEL Chinese actress of the 2013 series in early spring, even Zhou Xun is losing half a beat. Fresh temperament is very fascinating


Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

In Tokyo's streets dress edgy fashionistas can be seen everywhere. In March of silver, leather jacket dress is hot, let Japan Street look at OL how to wear it this season. Fighting the season autumn candy color struck

Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

Closed length knit sweater matching red leather jacket, it is so beautiful

Closed length knit sweater matching red leather jacket, very beautiful, boots and jeans combination more beautiful image of youth, a stylish shoulder bag is essential.

Dress matching jacket to wear are also common

Dress matching jacket to wear are also common, white dress might not seem slim enough, a black jacket more self-cultivation.

Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

Brown leather jacket with long dress elegant

Elegant brown leather jacket with long skirts, with the color of the dress is more prominent, tall body, Orange shirt revealing a point more in fashion.

Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

Leather jacket matching little skirt is youthful and lovely

Leather jacket matching little skirt is lovely youth, coupled with a Shorty has a sweet temperament of Lady of the last century.

Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

Black did not dull

Black is not dull, the secret is icing on the cake of flounces increased the sense of playful, layered dress looks cute.

Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

Dress knitted Tweed texture and stitching are very fashionable

Dress knitted Tweed texture and stitching is very fashionable, shape and special trim matching leather jackets are more handsome.

Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

Sweater trimmed with flounces know sweet

Sweet sweater trimmed with flounces know, tie-in flower dress more fashionable sense, neutral tones a lot of leather jackets joined the kind of handsome.

Street in Tokyo the best leather jacket style

Flower detail of decoration is very cute

Flower detail of decoration is very cute, sports shoes and colored gloves for this standard of Shibuya-mix dress more fashionable sense.

Neutral tones with a heavy leather, matching ruffled ombre dresses

Neutral tones with a heavy leather, matching ruffled ombre dress, cute but somewhat sexy, curly hair styling is best for this match.

Matching jacket faux leather jacket style Tokyo street fashion knit dress