Dior flower Yang sweet Eau de toilette

Dior flower Yang sweet light fragrance experience

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Dior flower Yang sweet Eau de toilette

In 1947, Christian Dior founded his own fashion house, and in the same year launched first perfume-Miss Dior Miss Dior Eau de toilette, since from the day she was born, destined to become a legend. In 2005, Dior Dior full of charm, make people feel good honey perfume was born. She continues the tradition of Miss Dior Miss Dior Eau de toilette. In 2008, the scent of Dior Dior Hua Yang sweet Eau de toilette bright debut, pleasant musk, opened Miss Dior Miss Dior series legend of the entire chapter.

Dior flower Yang sweet Eau de toilette Aroma fresh, fit women 20-30. Fresh and sweet, a high degree of acceptance. Long long, I believe around 8 hours should be. It is a generally, girls will love the fragrance, with some fantastic flavor.

Diaodiao Dior perfume Eau de toilette Christian Hua Yang Hua Yang sweet heart sweet heart sweet heart miss Dior Miss Dior Eau de toilette Eau de toilette

Commodity origin France

Inspired by the distant East

Today, Dior Dior Hua Yang sweetheart gift to Asian women Eau de toilette. This wonderful region in Asia, triggering a Dior Dior haute couture designers limitless inspiration. In 1953, Christian Dior has been the use of Asian design woven to make Couture. In the autumn and winter in 1954-55, Christian Dior fashion made with Japanese Brocade patterned fabric, noise in Asia and Japan. Current Dior Chief Designer John Galliano of Dior, John. Asia journey course of Mr Galliano was admitted, has brought him countless creative inspiration. He aggregates the creation has a very Oriental style fashion high attainments. Both Japanese-style kimono style, or fold style, he can vividly fanciful character creation play. Rehearsed improvisation master posed as a handsome

Dior Dior, blending of Eastern and Western culture meet to build bridges of inspiration.

Miss Dior Miss Dior Eau de toilette, Dior Dior as a first perfume, passion of flower show, Christian Dior. Especially those who grew up in France Granville Villa Les Rhumbs now Dior Dior Museum) of beautiful flowers in the garden and gave rise to his boundless creative energy.

Christian Dior once said: "other than the woman, flower is the most sacred of creatures. They are so shapely and full of charm. "In the first series of his works" Corolle ", he created the Miss Dior Miss Dior Eau de toilette oval ears initially narrow neck bottle, presents its compliments to the mood for women.

Dior flower Yang sweet Eau de toilette


Dior Dior Hua Yang sweet light fragrance top notes are citrus from Sicily, is sweet with sour pleasures of her freshness. Then out run of peony flowers, gracious release. Shapely peonies, originated in China, known as "the King of flowers," she is a symbol of prudence, humility, and immortal. With the Peony flower is sweet rose fragrance. Then after a fragrant heap style of patchouli and soft white musk.

Dior flower Yang sweet Eau de toilette


Pink is the preferred color for this floral fragrance. Mild pink perfume and delicate fragrance combined with the ingenious; pink sign silhouetted against a white background on the box, very eye-catching; pink and is surrounded by thousands of birds in the box. Christian Dior during his life, the most beloved color is pink. "Pink is the most gentle color," he said, "every woman's wardrobe should be pink. Pink is a symbol of happiness and women.

Dior flower Yang sweet Eau de toilette

"Eternal theme"

In order to create new Visual effects, Miss Dior Miss Dior Eau de toilette bottle is initially based on the geometry of conceptual design. This concept, sparked the 1950 hit "Suit" fashion style.

Christian Dior in 1948 and as founder of the iconic theme--thousands of birds, and printed products in glass bottles or boxes. Thousands of birds and shapes produced by the waves formed by the needle. This design by black and white color pattern, respectively Mr Christian Dior show on fashion and perfume bottle body.

Bow is usually the crowning dress collar. Perfume bottle neck, also added Mr Christian Dior has always loved fashion elements-bow. From the beginning, woven material on the Dior Miss Dior Eau de toilette, Dior Dior sweetheart perfume bottle neck on the delicate and slender metallic texture, evolved into today's transparent textures, bows have become classic Dior Dior sweet perfume family decoration and embellishment. Today, large or small, regardless of complexity, a symbol of butterflies to be Dior Dior perfume family. "Just like your clothes, your fragrance convey your personality. You can transform flavor according to your mood. "Christian Dior once said.

Dior Dior Hua Yang sweet Eau de toilette, romantic young woman dedicated to freedom.

This is a new perfume. She combines gentle, charming beauty, romance, femininity and genuine feeling. Dior Dior dress elegant elements more icing on the cake this perfume.

This perfume makes me feel, really sweet. Bow special sweet, while the main square, but still could not hide its lovely. The bottle looks like a piece of Crystal, crystal clear. 50 ml now only a little, using a high degree of Oh

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