FENDI wedding light colours in spring and summer seasons

Match points: bright blue knee-length skirt is the focus of the overall shape, namely the changes of light and shadow, high waist design and very good try in order to make the legs look more slender and graceful.

FENDI wedding light colours in spring and summer seasons

Multi-level styling is definitely the Fendi2014 focus of the spring and summer, dress in a simple step to add perspective white blouse, skirt is simple gear designs as well as the overall shape to add a sense of depth.

Match points: since the whole dress in color and design are simple, so you can add styling with unique accessories to fashion, Fendi leather handbag is the best choice.

FENDI wedding light colours in spring and summer seasons

Fine sexy tube top dress by Fendi beautifully layered, all because of its metallic material selection and a silver belt at his waist.

Match points: in the footwear of choice, and clothes with textured metallic silver stilettos can ensure the overall unity of style. Meanwhile, more in the neck without modification, but can make sexy plus. Fur hand bag matching is also unique highlights.

Who says leather jacket only simple and straightforward? Fendi told you just add two wave laminated, tough leather adds feminine charm, and yarn quality and long white dress is the flavor renders deepens.

Match points: long coat and matching long skirt slightly inevitably long and complex, so weakened through combinations can add lightness for the overall shape of the coat. A blue tube top not only lit up the black and white combination of color, more hard leather style sexy charm.

Fendi spring/summer mix color shape wedding design fashion

Elegant cascade yarn quality of the coat, with a very futuristic sequined multilayered skirts, intellectual temperament on the fashion showFENDI wedding light colours in spring and summer seasons

Fendi to you: Classic Blue can also be turned into a stunning highly layered styling

FENDI wedding light colours in spring and summer seasons

Fendi works this season with a lot of gradient colors, stereo stack, plus most colored fur accessories at Fendi, show full of romance, neon light dance the catwalk by hollowing out, and splice and stacked man mildly amazed really. Miranda Kerr led by Chao Ma Jie wearing wrist

Match points: bright material long trench coat is the next spring and summer wardrobe essential, this Fendi spring/summer new simple collarless design, matching cuffs, and set design of mixed colors, paired with cropped pants and a nude-colored tops, smart without losing the luxury pride of youth.

FENDI wedding light colours in spring and summer seasons

Lightness gradient overlay skirt and traceable cutting stencil designs, rigorous style yet, Fendi told you a level of depth trends.

Match points: gradient overlay skirt has enough sunshine, so accessories are not required to be over, small fur handbags and fashion styling highly textured earrings can achievement

Fendi at Milan fashion week spring/summer 2014 is a interpretation of the color appearance of stunning ocean, entire catwalk were a rainbow of color, gradient colors, solid stack and pivot elements such as filled, not only models of costume makeup, bags and accessories are in stunning bright colours, are not heavy, and highlight the luxury.

In autumn and winter, spring and summer be far behind? New Fendi fashion spring/summer as you usher in a full colour, small series of special resolution to wear take tips teach you stylish luxury t fan

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