Super thin 15 pound breakfast eggs 4 match programme

Egg diet you certainly not unfamiliar. Eggs are rich in high quality proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins and other trace elements such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, which helps burn fat and boost metabolism. Today's match programme for everyone recommended 4 kinds of breakfast eggs, just keep eating this way, 1 month 15 pounds is not entirely under problem.

Paired with a breakfast: porridge with egg and spinach fan + white

Material: fans a small bundle, 3 eggs, 250 grams of spinach, carrots 1 1/2, 5 cloves of garlic, salt teaspoon oil, vinegar 1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon.


1. Wash spinach, carrot, fans soak in warm water for half an hour, carrot shredded, eggs;

2. put spinach in Shui Zhongchao 1-2 minutes, remove and soak in cold water in order to avoid yellowing, Shui Zhongchao leave your fans and carrot are cooked remove and reserve;

3. put the amount of oil in the Pan, ladle a spoonful of eggs into a thin omelet, so will all of the eggs into egg cake;

4. good omelet strips, and Blanch spinach, carrots and fans into a large bowl and press the garlic using garlic press into large bowl;

5. oil on to the 8 hot water to the garlic, salt, vinegar or other spice mix that I like.

Breakfast mix II: Korea egg rolls + juice

Ingredients: 3 eggs, vegetables 01/6 a 1/4 red carrots, onions, green peppers).

1. cut vegetables; eggs and some salt to taste; mix vegetables with egg;

2. take pan, add oil, finished oil pour in eggs;

3. fried egg roll up, roll the eggs on the plate, can be cut with a knife.

Three for breakfast: egg soup of cabbage + Apple

Ingredients: cabbage and three or four leaves, two eggs, chicken bouillon, salt, chives.

1. wash cabbage leaves, large sections of beat the egg, add a little onion powder;

2. the frying scrambled eggs, be careful not to add salt; after fried eggs, add hot water; water poured over the eggs, then boil the next to start boiling pans, boiling water;

3. open water in the wok, throw into the water along with the eggs in the skillet next;

4. boil and continue to cook for about ten minutes, until the color changes to white; after the color white, add cabbage leaves, Pan before seasoning.

Breakfast mix IV: the Green custard + millet

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 4 asparagus root, some shrimp, pepper, salt, chicken little, 2 glasses of water and starch.

1. beat the eggs, salt, chicken bouillon, pepper and mix thoroughly with hot water and hot water into the eggs, stirring flushed the side;

2. put beaten egg into a deep plate, stamped or covered with plastic wrap, in the steamer and steam for 10 minutes or so;

3. cooked asparagus Shui Chao, head stand-by and the rest by a blender puree;

4. place asparagus-paste into the Pan, diluted with water 1 time, and season with salt and pepper, boil wet starch from the fire to thicken; Emmy Award for beauty and actress accessories

5. on the asparagus sauce over the steamed egg custard, shrimp with salt, pepper, pickled, cooked Pan placed on the custard.

Egg breakfast fan tie-in of carrot spinach and asparagus Pan beauty

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