Coat there was heaven in knit sweaters retro revival

Retro fashion is on the rise, many old classic style have to hop on the fashion stage. Retro feeling is full of knitting a sweater in the comeback of the season, become a major focus in the men's match, under the influence of this retro style, this fall and winter be sure to put on a sweater.

In the ordinary mind, knitting a sweater seems to be synonymous with the older conservative, but knitting a sweater with thin needle and soft to the touch, suddenly makes a man gentle lot, if the right mix, absolutely can show retro elegance School of temperament.

Traditional textures

Most traditional styles of knitting a sweater than crewneck or v-neck knit pullover, the most basic style of sweater pattern is relatively simple, but choosing the right color and match, the same will shine on you.

Match points: in the overall mix of items must be selected one or two outstanding features of popular items, so as not to give the feeling of dull dull.

School of retro

Coarse knit knitting will make weave trench coat had a unique sense of thick, shows the masculine taste; the tightly woven fine knit sense of neutral way is a kind of feminine; and at a loose knit hippie lazy taste.

Match points: either braided retro are not large, colorful pattern styles, men's Bohemia and, after all, has not been universally accepted. Sportsman street fashion week fan belt table

Circular lapel

Circular collar sweater in the 80 's of last century and dominate the world with batwing coat, due to the elegant circular lapel and classic double-breasted elements in the retro wave of popular items is considered suitable for both young and old.

Match points: the sweater can be worn alone or as a sweater, is suitable for all people.

Navy stripe

Navy elements are the most widely popular throughout the uniformed element element. Taking into account the knitted sweater in the wash and wear more or less tension in the process, so it should choose to weave a little tighter style, so as not to cross like a MOP, wrap.

Match points: as with all horizontal stripes, blue and white stripes in visually the same people "fat" the power, so the fat can make a detour.

Easy idle

Loose and lazy is knitting a sweater cousins batwing coat. The sweater made from a thick needle or with a loose weave technique, has a fantastic sense of feeling of tumbling and stacked, you should choose your cuffs and hem style.

Match points: due to their good feeling of tumbling, so small to be particularly careful while selecting, they might become men wear sweater dress take to the streets.

Rhombic pattern

Rhombus is a kind of important in folk patterns. Roughly divided into General and locally distributed in two ways. As rhombic patterns in form and colour is changeable, enough to make you full of personality.

Match points: they are too thin can choose body-style pullover, having overweight can select a local distributed Cardigan.

Color block structure

Clothes of different colors in order to produce very different impacts on the Visual sense and the sense of structure. Rule blocks of color and similar colors color decoration common in men's vintage sweater.

Match points: the sweater fit overweight people should choose similar tones of dark color block sweater, size normal or underweight is no taboo.

Cartoon kid stuff

Vintage knitting a sweater in the animation element in the current application is not animated hero's image appeared on the sweater so young, but with the typical cartoon elements such as Superman's s-shaped marks, spider web of Spider-man) to decorate the sweater.

Match points: whether it is a Cardigan or pullover, with regards to the animation element must not be used with match.

Retro mix knitting sweater knit sweater coat style pullover pattern

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