Grill mode showing a cool men s exposed leg match Guide

Want to ' dwarf compact ' casually, or think about it today with plenty of founder treasure boots figure it?Grill mode showing a cool men's exposed leg match Guide

NO 4: color khaki shorts

Hot weather must make their own incarnation of refreshing a dose of cold medicine, in selected shorts, men, might as well try color shorts. Bright colors will make you fully into the summer not only refreshing atmosphere, pale pink, blue, yellow and other colors visually to make people feel relaxed, and make you look vibrant.

Khaki pants in casual and semi formal walk freely, casual can be worn with Gladiator shoes, sneakers or driving shoes, boat shoes but they are not desert boots.

Temperament can time travel if there is a downturn, there is a classic timeless way, there is a blood can make every man want aggressive stray, then it must be the desert boots, always exudes elegance and rough, and khaki pants are a perfect match. If you happen to have a pair of long legs, showing a profile sexy legs belong to conform to non-desert boots.

No long legs, then select but the knee shorts to adjust the Visual difference, but try to choose a solid color shorts and print coat to shift our attention to the upper body.

Shoes don't make the ankle, choose tones with colour to create a continuous visual effect, make legs look longer, this girls nude when bare legs and high heels in the Visual drawn lines on the same principle.

With enviable long legs are sure to make good use of everyone, short star who dared a way you can feel free to wear ankle shoes, colors, materials, styles may wish to more adventurous.

SA 3: the shorts can be worn with boots on?

If there are no long legs don't even consider this type of wear, calf muscle-movement strong men please do not step on the mines, even long legs try to choose boot color style low-key, don't let the shoes to steal half the.

Mix cool fashion sport suit and shorts men Guide to barbecue

lim fit shorts focused on this season, they to go with stacked wear shirts or jackets are a good choice. Of course, it is worth mentioning that, try not to use the same tight upper body contours to match, and relatively relaxed sports coat a more coordinated.

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Qsrc="" alt="Grill mode showing a cool men's exposed leg match Guide" >

QBoots Move Luck Helptailored shorts matching unlined suits, suits, there are cool and crisp. Of course wanted to be delicate yuppie men, a pair that is both cool and stylish, convenient and comfortable Lok Fu shoes are essential; Lok Fu shoes casual by nature, more Brown than black in summer relax into your wardrobe, suede, linen, canvas, straw and other unique material to wear in the summer is more breathable and comfortable, let you keep fashionable but not grandiose.

In addition to Lok Fu shoes, retro Brock Derby shoes, elegant shoes, of course, inherently noble Oxford shoe is a good partner-suit shorts, at the time in such formal trousers, we recommend retaining the original gentlemen's feelings.

Grill mode showing a cool men's exposed leg match Guide

NO 2: sports shorts

There is no doubt that shorts with a sense of movement is the main force in the high street of this summer; of course wear take extremely challenging, and let you soar, take the bad may be a disaster. Especially with shorts is unprecedented and match shirt and a sense of gentleman's coat, full of modern flavor mashup fun effect.

Footwear choices at this time, please try to move closer to a simple, Slip-On comeback in fashion this season, a strong mix of skill whether in Hollywood or fashion ring near the foot of a double. Combine comfort and style in one piece, how can you not love it?

Mix wind has seriously hit men in elegant fashion, Sports men muscle men of the wind never miss fancy shoes this season a little fever, we introduced before the ' bathroom ' wonderful and shorts on fire. Now, of course don't forget fire from spring to fashion is expected till the little white shoes to the most simple appearance and attitude challenging mix often leads to unexpected surprises.

Grill mode showing a cool men's exposed leg match Guide

NO 3: denim shorts

Heat kill a hero, so being black ' get rough fashion ' denim shorts for many years put the troops in death, were forced to melt down historical cure from various street people hit, ground up with denim shorts hot bursts. If the woman is beautiful to wear Jean shorts sexy legs show, man is to show vitality, keep in mind the length not short on the lap of 5cm.

Since it is athletic, cowboy is a friendly easygoing disposition, so whether it is the minimalist black and white ash or fancy color don't hesitate to just say hello. As long as careful a mine: tall

National Open the grill mode, the girls wore skirts, hot pants to seduce the eye, you would probably long and smelly pants? NO, men also want to cool exposed legs, then change into a short bar. Before you begin, we start to understand some of the shorts x shoe with the basic strategy. Wear gold and silver have all the friends with

Grill mode showing a cool men's exposed leg match Guide

NO 1:-suit shorts

Most often seen in major brand LookBook-suit shorts in the lift is equipped with a suit coat

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