KarlieKloss love is far better than bad Avenue chocker much fire

Chains for spring/summer spring/summer dollars mcqueenalexander items matching bikinis


The body from Ettika chain can also be said to be of a long chain, although there was no "wear function", but behind his harangues also enough personality.


Also from Ettika items, compared with above a more sense of design.


Therefore, 2016 during the spring and summer besides "bad Avenue" chocker, fast wear body chains is keeping up with the trend of the right way

Ettika gold body chain

Ettika gold body chain

Ettika v-chain

Ettika v-chain Thoughtful, of course I'm sure is going to show you some items recommended by ... ... First is the luxury version of the body chain, price is between 3000-5000.


Rosantica this complicated note "Rosarietto" body chain bridal or evening gown modeling is the crowning touch. It uses via Milan Golden brass craftsmen hand-built, ingenious hooks decorated with Designer Michela Panero's most favorite materials pearls. Profile outlines of scallop and beautify the slender waist.


Arme De L'Amour is keen to introduce a sense of corner geometry of jewelry, this chain is the very model of the body.


It is made of silver-plated brass by hand, decorated with diamond-shaped pendant on it, in your neck and buttocks showing a beautifully elegant tumbling effect. Would need to match the simplicity of the little black dress will be able to bloom charm shine.


Look at "middle-class" price body chain styles, priced in the thousands.


Chan Luu the body chain with 10 gold plated brass chain formed by the hand-made, cascaded from the neck down and fall on the hip, beautiful and atmospheric. If it is worn on the dress or blouse, more elegant feeling.


This set from Luv AJ rose gold plated chain body chain is a set of three is divided into two necklaces and a chain of the body, can also open.


Looks much better than the above style of many, also easy to match, wearing a simple shirt or a suit in the summer coat is a good choice.


Finally, practical factor is relatively cheap and the style strategy

Luv AJ Lasso vertical pleated body chain

Luv AJ Lasso vertical pleated body chain

Chan Luu gold body chain

Chan Luu gold body chain

Arme De L'Amour Rhomboid silver-plated body chain

Arme De L'Amour Rhomboid silver-plated body chain

Rosarietto Pearl gold body chain

Rosarietto Pearl gold body chain Body chain really more popular than 2015

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Last year a great actress so to support this item, there is no doubt that, in 2016 spring/summer fashion week, this single product has naturally become a designer one of the favorite accessory. Erratic play Wizard of designer Alexander McQueen has created two types of body chain--thick and strong thick chains and slender, graceful and moving chain. Punk tastes full thick silver chain matched yingl high suit, and the enchanting fine chain and folded skirt perfectly.

Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series

Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series

Featured Calvin Klein Collection of minimalist style in the spring and summer on the show could play a little sexy. Long white skirts vary in the ever-changing body chain, presents a very different style of clothing.

Calvin Klein Collection spring/summer 2016 series

Calvin Klein Collection spring/summer 2016 series

There the main romantic Simone Rocha, innovation used to bring instead of chains, showing vintage SM flavor.

Simone Rocha spring/summer 2016 series

Spring and summer show for everyone to see so many 2016, is no doubt trying to tell you: get stock up

Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series

Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series

Complete the personalized body chain and lace dresses and soft, giving pleasant feeling just were soft. The changing seasons and what do people wear in

Karlie Kloss wearing Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series

Karlie Kloss wearing Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series

Spoke of the body chain, starting from the summer of 2015. Instagram sitting on tens of millions of fans on Internet celebrity bikini pictures of Kendall Jenner released a picture of yourself. Pictures of her in her orange bikini suit, long chain took a looming in front of him is very charming.

kendall jenner

kendall jenner

Shortly thereafter, the tide to explosive items started to appear in every European and American actress who jumped on the bandwagon. Like everyone is in hot pursuit of the mix and goddess--Rihanna.



Sexy perfect Victoria Secret Angel candy

Recently, after the supermodel Karlie Kloss in to join the activities selected a lace dress suit present, combing most trends on show two Scorpions braid, do not have a flavor. But the most striking aspect of this dress, but that last year about her hot body chains of all the social networks.

Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel

Wuli goddess Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, play vacuum, directly with the body suit and chain wear, not more attractive/25342589264_aed345f558_b.jpg" alt="Karlie Kloss wearing Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series" >

Karlie Kloss wearing Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series

Karlie Kloss this romantic lace dress from Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 series, copy the runways, hair was not changed. But who was the physical chain-eye

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