Cool sweet girl Jane low key rock all the alternative refinement

Rock Jane fine alternative style low-key match Kelly rock fan

Opium smoking, long blonde hair, motorcycle jacket is standard rock features, Justin's temperament is very rock and roll mystery, homeopathy sexy dress rock n roll

Lin chiling, perfect legs for all to see, fishnet stockings and boots are perfect for a perfect match, and when the two meet, is a visual treat. Chi ling sister classic rock punk alternative and fine, knee black boots and leather gloves to complement each other.

Lady Maggie Cheung in a jacket Burberry locomotive rivets rocker dress appeared at the event, non-mainstream look almost didn't recognize her. Black ankle boots flashing different lights, fluorescent colour bag to steal. Summer sexy wear 100 security scheme

Happy girl rock night, Hong Chen sing and dance through with great power, white shirt and black skirt little girls grew up cute, rivets rivet belt and cuffs added and proclaimed her tough and handsome

Kelly a high flow, control Queen style dress that was handy, perspective black, Leopard-print pants, style necklaces mixed rock styleEgypt Queen-style necklace with Leopard print pants, rock the Queen's taste immediately obvious

Jane in hot waves of shoulder pads this year t, with a metallic black hot pants and boots, sheer rock and roll fan LOOK.

Jane this rock and roll LOOK remarkable, shoulder pads t flashes with metal sequins, a kind of night taste of luxury, simple mix of classic rock LOOK intriguing.

Kelly help out a watch press conference, perspective black veil covered the upper body, full Queen posture

This season we try not to on the rivets and leather waste. Hazy, slightly metallic glare of tulle, embellished in solemn black, will inject new vitality into the rock style. Jane Zhang, Kelly, actress is demonstrating "in a slightly sweet with a cool" light rock fan

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