VOGUE teach you smart shopping to play match for very little cost can also wear

VOGUE teach you smart shopping to play match for very little cost can also wear super model

VOGUE fashion editors explain the mix Essentials

"More Dash Than Cash smart shopping mix" concept comes from the most influential international fashion magazine VOGUE, United Kingdom launched a series of activities, attracting many local young people's interest and participation. At best suited to show women moving style of early summer, the VOGUE magazine one of the world's leading version of the Chinese edition of VOGUE dress and introduced the Chinese wave of this unit matches the beauty and a smart shopping playing with the theme of the party in Beijing on the afternoon of May 22, 2010 current SanLiTun VILLAGE landmark Orange Hall bright hot debut. The day, the VOGUE fashion and beauty magazine's senior fashion editor intimate interactions with the many guests who love fashion, to the audience as models, combining b+AB in SanLiTun VILLAGE, Izzue, Chow sang sang, and Jiangnan commoner, young fashion brands such as UNIQLO site explains and demonstrates clothing with tips to teach you how to dress in a modern style without spending too much money.

VOGUE teach you smart shopping to play match for very little cost can also wear super model

VOGUE editors live match

Combined with the season's most cutting-edge trends, through "Smart mix show", "the live-action model mashup tutorial" and other interesting, nice and fun interactive elements, the VOGUE trend of the activity for the majority of men and women had a dress with the feast is served. Several came to participate in the interactive session audience in the VOGUE fashion and beauty editor of hands, "loaded" are gorgeous make up, they have their own temperament and confidence of the catwalk show several times to push the atmosphere to a climax. The enthusiasm of the audience has also been under, through editing Visual demonstrations explaining learned a lot of tips for smart match, as long as the intentions, bags, hats, shoes, jewelry and costume elements can be lit set of everyday dress of virtue.

VOGUE teach you smart shopping to play match for very little cost can also wear super model

The audience mix model

Starting from May 10 until May 31, participation in VOGUE this the SanLiTun store, will always display the VOGUE fashion and beauty trends of the fashion editor of a single product, the VOGUE fashion and beauty in June, will offer a co-branded shopping discount vouchers, so that the fashion-loving young consumers realize the dream of spend a penny take a super model.

Site layout

VOGUE CHINA How to makeup and jewelry perfect for fan ye

The VOGUE magazine is one of the most important Magazine brand in the world. Before entering China, the VOGUE has had 15 different versions of countries and regions. Since 1892, the first issue of VOGUE in the United States since the birth of VOGUE brand was hailed as the world's Fashion Bible

Limited budgets but love fashion? Taste great but money tight? OK, VOGUE to teach you how to play smart shopping mix, do not spend a lot of money, big and can still wear the fashionable and stylishfashion Bible). The philosophy is to hire the most professional of the VOGUE editors, combined with the most talented designers in the world, one of the most talented photographers and models to the highest of production values to create a magazine of the highest quality on the market. The VOGUE with remarkable authority, is a leader in magazine brand in the world, was the VOGUE fashion weather vane, its support role in the fashion industry is unique.

Since September 2005 VOGUE clothing and beauty by Cond Nast official limited and people painting newspaper cooperation published yilai, listed issued short three years of time, VOGUE clothing and beauty magazine with very with Visual impact of high quality Visual pictures to rendering fashion trend, in China training has increasingly more has noble grade of fashion support who, by general readers, and designer and whole fashion industry of praised, and has was industry elected for VOGUE In one of the world's most influential and authoritative version of fashion.

In 2008, the VOGUE fashion and beauty continues to introduce new, sets up the professional image of the fashion magazine, keep like the core content, while adjustments in the layout, and adds a series of new sections, and began to take to VOGUE's unique vision and approach to Chinese pop star. The VOGUE fashion and beauty has always been to stick to supporting local art and design direction to cultivate, promote the development of China's fashion industry to task of the forces nouvelles, determined to become the local leader of fashion culture.

In 2010, VOGUE CHINA five anniversary of the VOGUE fashion and beauty will be more highlighting its unique location, a unique perspective of Chinese art style, is committed to promoting the development of China's fashion industry more quickly.

Dressed beauty magazine Vogue fashion shopping site super model

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