Mermaid marine fragrance

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I am Aries, generous, sensitive, boyish, and little women qualities.

Easy to anger, forgive, the typical fire sign

Addicted to all kinds of beautiful, like someone took a camera to stray, often for a small film of tears ~

Recognized scent control, record a week to buy 11 bottles of perfume ... ... ... Like perfume mix of personal feeling, opinion, others are perfume to determine her own emotional ~

Like smart pure perfume, not love complex sweet taste, has been considered a good perfume, and should let the people lead "nose" not forgotten ~

No single theory like perfume, that occasion, mood, season and dress combination should correspond to a different perfume ~

Salvatore Ferragamo: Classic Italy high cards. Started as a shoe, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, and so was his loyal supporters. Brand has been refined and fashion coexist in elegant line.

Let us talk about this perfume fragrances designer Batrice Piquet

Although not very common mainstream perfumes to the name,

But in the United States is more talented perfumer

Seems to be mainly BLV before flavoring

More familiar perfume

Rose Essentielle Eau De Toilette Rosee

Mermaid marine fragrance

Smell the taste of Incanto Bliss for the first time, to jump to more than I thought.

A strong sense of movement, feeling that the taste is jumping, bright, then squirted a big bowl, the mood is not followed up ~

A little sunny feeling, but not that sweet feeling, later found inside the Freesia, remember recent perfume should smell the Freesia is the ANNA SUI blue doll, a bottle of perfume was a summer feel Oh ~ ~ ~

There seemingly is using ~ ~ ~ ~ Burberry Tender Touch and DIOR pink charm ~

This bottle of perfume I like ~

Mermaid marine fragrance

Incanto Bliss I felt as if I was a nice, quiet, delicate skin beauty, though does not look easy to contact, but the moment when she smiled, the Empress Dowager, as water can easily melt the eyes of all ~

Feel about perfume bottles: lasted of Incanto sweet wind magic, blue bottle plus the starfish ornament a sweet, fairy tales and fantasy ~


Office: if it's not on the table, this perfume is for General Office will let colleagues all around pleasant choice;

Dinner: match the cute little dress, or ears pinned a fresh pink rose, good luck is very close to you;

The beach: the Incanto Bliss's most famous occasion, combined with the unique taste of sea breeze, Incanto Bliss you can get the whole holiday considerably;

Party: athletic, casual, evening dresses, cheongsam, this perfume can match each other should be a useless player ~~~

Details: rabbit has special of preferences, General got perfume first times evaluation perfume General are is in midnight time, because that when, mood after day of noise after, began tends to peace, a cup honey tea, a lamp candle, foil with warm of lights, will magic bottle in of liquid gently sprinkled to air, then, does not worried will its coated in body, and more of can let its enjoy sway in sofa, pillow and whole bedroom ~~~

Meet the qualities of night, perfume will convey a special feeling ~

Feel: soft and fresh, a bit like under an umbrella on the beach and cool glass of lemon tea; sweet, friendly, and extended a strong sense of, dj vu, but a special

Friends evaluation: only my Barbie as the Princess and two bar ~

I get the feeling this perfume fits me, not suitable for her, I'm older than her Lady, I am taller than she, I'm better than her quick ~~

Perfume on my body can combine with my beautiful and gorgeous, bring out the Princess my whole temperament, though I'm not the sea, but I also liked the freshness of summer, the July heat, rabbit followers, quickly give Incanto Bliss ~

After 1 hour, I slept in the sweet taste, mixed with Woody's quiet, sleeping dreams as if you can smell the aroma of this ~

After waking up the next day in the House seem to have no taste, slightly a bit like grass scent.

Ferragamo's illustrious origins plus great perfumers to create such a fantastic perfume ~

Overall feel of fairy tales, fantasy, but with a new era of women own self-confidence.

For young professionals, office worker, SOHO family, and all the beauty of the girls ~ ~

Scented extended sense is very good, between three levels of excessive soft layers of depth, sublimation reflects its unique charm

Overall experience:

Bottle is one of the big selling points, fairy tale dreams let people saw it down the bottle, Incanto series inside the smart one.

Overall tastes sweet and refreshing, it's chic ~

Long time in about 6 hours to meet General needs

Purchasing index:

4.8 closed for the Incanto series high performance-price ratio, and a bottle of wild. 14 smart travel together to your health weight

Limited budget or needs to cope with the emergency situation conditions capable, in her spare time, is a work of art

~ View. Recommended buy ~

Dreaming perfume fragrance of the sea Ferragamo Ocean bliss in El Salvador match

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