Late new year s trip to skin care creating a healthy moist and good

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

When it comes to moisture, this ingredient is hyaluronic acid is a common, transparent acid is hyaluronic acid, both winter and summer using hyaluronic acid ingredients skin care is the best, it is no harm to the skin, skin-friendly and good, strong water retention function. Morita-intensive moisturizing essence, enriched with hyaluronic acid serum, make up the water molecules directly into the stratum corneum of the skin, conditioning the skin supple and shiny, healthy state.

Brown eye dropper bottle design, small and simple, not overly slick packaging, real prices are the reason why people fall in love with it, the same ingredients, same result, prices are however hundreds, this is real good stuff.

Transparent glass small dropper designs, you can easily control every usage, dropper a little Groove to prevent serum uncontrolled dripping, 30mL essence of this bottle has about 300 drops, two months is enough.

Hyaluronic acid is relatively thick texture, twist a twist by hand, there is a little drawing, it is mild, skin is good, no harm to the skin.

Transparent liquid drops on the skin, slightly thick texture make it the liquidity is not so good, without the slightest taste, smell sensitive people can't go wrong.

Gently open, thick, moist texture instantly turns into water, paint drops will appear in, but no sticky feeling.

After completely absorb the essence of the skin, and a shiny layer of water film on the surface, but without any sticky or slippery to the touch, refreshing the skin, very comfortable.

Skin moisture changes, you know how powerful this essence replenishment effect and reveal a little secret, is used after toner, skin moist State essence, gently massage, increases the skin's ability to lock the water, of course, followed by a more good tips.

Nature is the essence and then use a Morita drug make-up water storage HO hyaluronic hydrating mask, Morita cosmeceuticals by microbial fermentation optimization of medical cosmetic grade pure hyaluronic acid developed water water conservation water cubic moisturizing formula. Newly-promoted hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed perfectly, completely locking in moisture in the stratum corneum.

Each box there are four one-sided film, half a month. Morita's mask is very familiar, but the newly-promoted innovative stealth stretch mask, essence of adsorption 8 times times its own weight, silky touch

The thin texture, like silk, light, soft, soft, paste, water, heavy weight, really are the essence of adsorbed Super liquid.

Manual soft facial mask to your face, removing Pearl film, mask and skin cling tight and completely, as the second layer of skin-like, inject sufficient moisture.

Use moisturizing Rudra no hihou 1+1>2, with just these two simple small partners, create moist skin, age is not a difficult task.

Essence skin moisturizing hyaluronic acid mask new year health care to build

Was going to come back in a few years dakaidage to write a few posts, how busy the store years ago, after all, a lot of new arrivals, the first day of work, PI Woo-mile River, has a cold, around flu cases flu or a bad cold. Colleagues before cold injections do not bottle it isn't, roll on their physical fitness to despise Ah ~ ~ now it was their turn, and really don't love sick life ill for a long time is not good, and how growing up? Head was dizzy, do not know I have posts to write it? A cold sense of dizziness for new glasses, was wrong?

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Regardless of her Halo is Halo, don't bask in Chinese new year, the end of the year. Chinese new year back home large bags, streamlining brought some skincare products, but aspects cannot be ignored, and came home with some good things it'll be a lot better.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

New year from scratch do up, first pieces baby natural is nursing sent's, to meet new year volume deliberately to hot volume has head hair, this Xia is donated has, but sent dry of sister paper injury not up high temperature Ah, see colleagues hot had of hair layer layer of points fork, and put put of dry, volume must cannot so sample, so zhiqian prepared of silk Yun deep repair nursing more effect repair nursing milk must to with home's.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

From Japan Syoss salon brand aggregates, using professional formula for Asian hair, value for money very good. Multiple-effect this repair deep lotion four main ingredients: amino acids and keratin mix penetrates to the depths of the core, repair damaged hair; and hydrolysed silk sericin protein mix intensive nourishing hair and makes hair healthy and supple and shiny.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Black and white minimalist packaging, round pressure bottle, gently press the bottle when using, apply appropriate amount of lotion in your Palm. Beautiful not cold late autumn charm set

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Translucent white lotion texture more akin to clotting, exudes a light scent, his hands after rubbing, curd oil into a transparent color.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Gently and evenly Yu Bangan hair or dry hair to the tips of the hair and gently massage until fully absorbed, a simple step, it will have a better effect.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

There is no sense of thick and sticky, fresh and unworn, a hint of fragrance, new shapes, new beginning, start all over again.

Late new year's trip to skin care, creating a healthy, moist and good

Skin most important of is moisturizing, new year home coax give rise to make of, temperature high, and sleep late, not do skin moisturizing, how radiant of on new year's day of Ah, for volume prepared has price super high of Sen field drug makeup moisturizing sisters set: transparent quality acid sodium intensive moisturizing essence liquid +HO glass uric acid storage water fill wet mask, legend in the match using can reached 6 times times of fill water effect, heart was has's

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