TOD S 2017 due out in Milan spring men s collection

TODS 2017 due out in Milan spring men's collection

Step into the showroom, stands an old wooden table contained in the sight of all, full of nostalgia and reverence. It is the Tod's group of brothers DIEGO DELLA VALLE and ANDREA DELLA VALLE's grandfather's leather bench, who never thought that now Tod's story is from the table and began the Kingdom of, today it is more of an obsession with craft under oath, indicating 2017 spring-summer men's theme of inheritance--beginner's mind, enduring. Support of Jiang Shu ying FURLA China s first

TODS 2017 due out in Milan spring men's collection

Men's collection this season to TOD'S 'Fresco a Printing' and coloring technology as the main body, whether shoes, bags or relatives on the clothes are all retro t old mellow effect. Each a unique Crystal like Italy mottled brick walls of the old building, as if revisiting the birthplace of the Renaissance of the new. As churches, art galleries and museums, or like a Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and other masters of the artworks, art addiction with a long thick trail combined with leather craft, refresh reshapes belongs to the TOD'S of timeless aesthetics.

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