Worry free summer hair star tied up girl ponytail

Young hair first step: clean

Keras cracked Crystal light Shampoo young hair length with no absolute relationship, vibrant young and healthy hair is the most important key to young.

Young hairstyles three guidelines: ncoarse/fine) of RMB 220/250ml

Mild purification system, silicone-free formula, does not contain preservatives and colouring agents, gentle clean and moderately moist after using hair instant brightening, hair is graceful and elegant, soft and easy to care.

Young hair the second step: nursing

Keras cracked Crystal light conditioner RMB 320/200ml

Light and creamy texture, soft and moist, to create fresh water, silky smooth hair.

Young hair step three: rhyme

Keras cracked-Crystal essences RMB 285/50m

Light and delicate, easily absorbed, foods high in complex optical effect particles and smoothing factor. After using the hair a moment like the injection beam light, moist texture of the dynamic and elegant, immediately reflected into perfection of the Crystal light effect

Summer girls matching hair hair in ponytail long hair star style

ever greasy collapse flat, fluffy enough to be soft, Super shiny, moist

In anticipation of the summer season of bloom, Paris keras full of shared meaning between girlfriends, new cracked Crystal light series bring hair into light in a secret, for the urban young women on the colorful life of Crystal beautiful close-up

Hair falling there is no spirit, looking like lost light yellow face of Lord ShivaTeen girls-like ponytail style

Schoolgirl-like hair of the ponytail is quick and easy to complete, Star not only love, but also shows the most commonly used hairstyle. But at the same time a simple ponytail is changing shape, different tie can bring about different style.

Christian Dior, David Koma catwalk modelling show smooth texture; House of Holland and slightly messy ponytail style Matthew Williamson show lively and spontaneous. Different hair texture and high ponytail will render different styles, so even at work, can change every day different styles to match outfits.

Small Tip: summer young pure ponytail hair flick is the key

Show FavoritesA high ponytail like Hayden Panettiere, and fluorescent-colored lipstick, exanimate.

If you like to wear high-necked Drew Barrymore

High neck chiffon shirt retro this summer is also very popular, but if you choose such a garment, you need just like Drew Barrymore, combed back hair, natural curly hair behind the ear to create a neat quality, it does not matter even if the hair a little dry

If you don't like complicated hairstyles Jessica Pare

Like tied ponytail is probably OK, in order to avoid too much mediocrity, can make a summary on the hair side, matching summer pop of bold, colorful costumes, will be very fashionable.

If you like fluorescence, like tail of Hayden Panettiere

High ponytail with a dynamic, fluorescent colour lipstick perfectly match this summer

If you want to be more alternative Denise Vasi

Black straight hair if your hair in a high ponytail, very dramatic, with a slim like Denise Vasi's little black dress, was more dynamicHair is soft you could try Jessica Chastain in the prefrontal part of the electricity volume bar volume the hair well and then play back, spray hair spray on, let it look fluffy.

If you are a MILF Kate Beckinsale

"Chaos and not random" ponytail hair style is one of Hollywood's actresses the red carpet favorite hairstyle. Kate Beckinsale is 39 years old, but did not see any traces of time, not difficult to deny Gao Pan tail does a great deal of effect, forehead hair, messy ponytail look is easy to learn and very effectiveHair comb caught with her hands tied up, electricity volume bar to separate treatment is hair hair, natural and special.

If you are lively, Kristin Chenoweth

Although the distribution is red, but the side ponytail to be outdone, like Kristin Chenoweth ponytail tie side, of course, only if you have curly hair, because it makes you appear more lively, if you have straight hair, the side tied pony tail gas can only bring out students.

If your hair is very soft Jessica Chastain

If you don't have a sexy, fluffy curls and no romantic relationshipsPonytail looks cuteIs different from the form of a ponytail, messy hair style, well with clean clothing especially shirts and jeans.

If you are a doll face Jayma Mays

Babyface Jayma Mays is ideal for curly hair, and if the illusion of hair tied in a pony will look very cute

If your hair is the University of Beyonce

Beyonce black and white costumes people made a deep impression, and if your hair is relatively large, may wish to comb a smooth straight ponytail mix bun, with elegant Queen fashions Diamonds capture a man s heart is skillfully take

If your face is less Selena Gomez

If your face like Selena Gomez short, then sent out to catch a little hair, and then turned, fixed with hair gel, play a role in pushing lifting, can make the face look longer, then tie a ponytail, has a youthful freshness.

If you want to become fresh and Alessandra Ambrosio

Weimi supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio romantic tie side braided must try

If you like heavy makeup Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian pregnant still frequent appearances in front of the crowd, even broke up with kids his dad Kanye West has been passed down, but it did not affect her sexy face, even if you only put a simple ponytail can also use red lip, volume styling looks pretty thick eyelashes do not in General

Summer arrived, long hair girls begin to worry about, sultry weather with long hair like Zenith cover cap on your head, not only prone to acne, sweating, scalp, behind the ears and neck badly, and easy to grow bacteria, hair is not healthy. Best way is to tie a pony tail to deal with, but the older models are only suitable for "State-owned enterprises", to stylish and light to work, quickly take a look at how the stars do it

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