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Fried rice cooking is easy to learn, which can be a side dish and can be used as a staple food. Proper material selection and still satisfy your stomach fast nutrition meal ~

Ingredients: ham, green beans, cabbage, meat, garlic, onions, eggs, rice preferably cool rice)

Preparation, you can taste mix, can be an appropriate mix of colors in the color, color, aroma, full range

Preparation complete the next step is to practice, look not to wrong steps. 1 dice the ham, green beans cut into small sections, broccoli, shredded, shredded meat cut into thin strips

Course: 1, the pot come on, to 6 hot fried egg.

2, add minced garlic pork, ham, fried flavor.

3, add green beans and stir until green

4, put in the rice, add Broccoli Stir Fry above fusion material evenly. To the cooked rice loose, add salt, soy sauce and stir-fry. Overflow after flavor, sprinkle green onion pan, transfer to a plate.

Haha, simple, want something done right do it yourself0

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