Told me to tall slender sister Oversize sweater coat saves Petite girls

Late autumn early winter coats the streets make you start, to know the classic must be provisioned, sweater coat you need to know, a wide variety of styles to choose? Be sure to choose Oversize, don't think that style can't handle your little body. You can choose a pullover with long skirts, little 1:1 wearing a lift so fashionable, or choose the safest ride method put dress sweater coat, edit for you find the 4 most typical collocations model using sweater coats to warm your heart.

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"Grandma card" retro sweater coat and born had a sense of itself too much printing style Cardigan with a pair of dark pants, how to stay warm, remember to put a pullover, so eat it warm than inside a swell coat painted a lot of Oh.

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This comfortable "Gozilla" Cardigan combines two major trends of the season: blankets, clothing and the new Western style. It uses a profile cut, fitted with convex seams and pockets, and the use of metallic thread woven designs, add to its overall modernization. Its body is accompanied by mushrooms, storm blue and red, creating a charming spell effect, use it to create casual look.

MAJE Cardigan around 3000 Yuan

J Brand Jeans about 1320 RMB

Thakoon Addition bag about 7560 Yuan

Thakoon Addition shoe about 2820

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Sometimes a garment style can determine your overall style, like a Cardigan, fabrics thick enough to let you in late fall and early winter love it, softly toward the shoulders top ride is very graceful.

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This Cardigan by the brand's signature woven crochet process. Two kinds of warm bright red and orange zig-zag patterns, to create a four seasons for both items. Recommended use it on the weekends with jeans.

M Missoni Cardigan around 3000 Yuan

Equipment dress about 1500 Yuan

Saint Laurent Crossbody about 12500 RMB

Lanvin wedge heels about 3600

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Even if you put a sweater as a base, coats can also try to choose a style of sweater coat, don't assume you can't handle strong lenient to little models, this Oversize wear in little man was very tasty.

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This coarse knit cardigans choose the soft luxury of Alpaca yarn woven. It uses a profile cut, with a shawl collar, front pockets and wide sleeves, called wardrobe must-have. Recommended stainless-cut trousers and Bullock shoes, casual style in the end.

Maiyet Cardigan about 5650

Dagmar slacks about 1560 Yuan

Maison Kitsun tannin shirt about 1740 Yuan

Adidas by Stella McCartney shoes about 1320 RMB

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Not Cardigan shirts also can Dang coat, thick of fabric and most with features of Oversize, on can meet this fall/winter fashion of defined, seems now is popular 1:1 of style, no longer is explicit slender double leg of season's, long coat match long skirt, as long as match a double high with or pine cake shoes, completely without worried height of problem, such of dress Style is by welcomes.

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The wool silk blend sweater is definitely not to be missed the luxury choice. Comfortable shape and slightly longer back design for this soft items injects a hint of modern fashion. Might as well match the same color sweatpants and pointy heels, to create the perfect outfit.

Stella McCartney Cardigan around 4380

Donna Karan skirt for about 9000 RMB

Linda Farrow sunglasses about 3200 Yuan

Charlotte Olympia heels about 6000 RMB

Matching oversize sweater coat sweaters cardigans mix rescue demonstration jacket tall

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