Cici Gong Zhulu spring romance color dress up

Royal Blue is the color of a mature, but in this season of spring to life, is still very good

Stitching style, yellow and blue mix, beautifully dressed Fox necklace, fine feeling

Flower lace is the ladies ' element, light purple is a popular color

Lace skirt, sleeve design, with a rose flower handbag, women's dress

Slim green irregular skirts, simple style, has a different sense of fashion

White high heels, design is the lower half of the waist more slender

Lace flowers, white and Red matching, doll collar white shirt, matching lace skirt

Bright red is the touch of Spring Red

Spring is certainly not less green, yellow, and green tones

Sweater cat pattern, with a yellow hakama, seem very fresh, girl full of style

Colorful sundresses, cotton design, more absorbent comfortable to wear

Chic, bright colors, like seven-color flowers

Sleeve in black slim design, sophisticated dress up

And black background with golden flowers, composed with the taste of fashion

Is there a student feels, Oh lovers

Match simple wedges shoes, short sleeve white shirt, khaki shorts, Acne face to your dishes 1314 and beautiful new

Lace waist suit, paired with jeans chic

Laminated hem shows women charm, design of chic skinny jeans revealing a handsome

Dress up mix Sissi romance spring color design lace

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