WP flagship to Lumia 920 victory HTC 8X video

Fossil iPhone case.2tqefu6wb">FOSSIL iPhone 5

This is the video from foreign scientific peer review love Chinese subtitles). HTC on the screen and can be seen in the video camera, running both lost to Lumia 920. Nokia desperate focus Windows Phone system, I think HTC strategy seems lost, Samsung Android ganbuguo. Now distracted doing WP WP system and Nokia's dragon throne seems to be poor. Detailed comparison, please watch the video.

Detailed comparison evaluation

Fossil iPhone case

Nokia Lumia920 can be said to have a number of unique features. Clearblack technology for mobile screens even in outdoor light can be clearly displayed, PureMotion+ keep the screen refresh frame rate at 30FPS. Screen is super sensitive touch screen, can also be seen in the video even hands with gloves can manipulate 920 on the screen. Another PureView camera with optical image stabilization, currently only Nokia use this technology. Above are all unique features of Nokia, others do not have. Contrary WP of the HTC to launch flagship 8X is a pittance. Android ganbuguo Samsung, do WP no match for Nokia. How unfortunate is HTC?

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