Ford engineers out of the center console of a car then it came


This is the role of this equipment ~

According to Ford's test, a similar device, every hour can produce about 4 bottles of purified water,

Enough to travel required.

And, best of all, in Ford's prototype device, Moschino iPhone 5

This system is a car with water dispenser face Moschino iPhone 5

That is the control out of the pipe, you just have to tilt button

Water will flow out.



Really quite good ideas,

Anyway, these water drops on the ground without having to also.

Of course, if conditions similar to the Chinese national day holiday,

Ford should study is how to collect and purify urine for drinking.


I know, a car could emit so much water ... ... No wonder men say Auto is the second girl.

Moschino iPhone 5


Just a few days ago, Google breath has released 5 new products.

In fact, similar launch event

Car manufacturers Ford was always open, and cerebral Caverns is smaller than Google.

This is not, this is the most recently published content:

They intend to collect the car air-conditioning condensation water to purify the drinking ... ...

Similar needs exist,

For example, the drive needs to air conditioning in the summer, and keep water to feed their own.

Automotive air conditioning at run time will, in fact, produce a lot of condensation water.

And Ford said, why not collect them up and reuse them?



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