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Case while retaining the Horological Machine No2 case of double Bullseye dial and lugs have clean curved cornices and columns. Two portholes silver plated dial with instantaneous jump hour, concentric counter minute hand, retrograde date, bi-hemisphere moon phase display, equipped with double-sided anti-glare glass and mirrors around the table decorated with red numbers, numbers are covered with long-lasting luminous paint ble is true people of praise. Across the table are HM2.2 is like a camera modF HM2.2 Watch" >

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Rectangular shape, cornice pole, double Bullseye, and module structure

Jumping hour the dial on the right window, window to the outer ring is concentric counter minute hand; dial on the left show retrograde date and moon phase. Within the window the moon phase reminiscent of United States new art Complex unlocking MBnd, Yes, the small camera for this paragraph is taken from the SilbF HM2.2 WatchArt Nouveau) period representative of the animated film little Nemo

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Power, the watch is equipped with mechanical movements designed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor,F HM2.2 Watch" >

Equipped with a F HM2.2 Watch

This movement frequency 28,800 times an hour and 30 meters waterproof. Equipped with a hand-stitched black leather strap. Inverse both instantaneous jump hour, concentric dial hand, reverse date pointers, dual-hemisphere moon phase and automatic winding function.

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Camera concept wristwatch movement dial moon phase design case

design by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht/Agenhor of mechanical movement Not recommended so versatile I just want a simple

Complex unlocking MBboth instantaneous jump hour, concentric reverse dial hand, reverse date pointers, dual-hemisphere moon phase and automatic winding function. This table uses traditional wristwatch movement, few senior movement has Ruby, hand polished 22k gold dark blue automatic disk, but its sign sickle shape imitation from Maximilian bsser giant psychic Grendizer childhood comic heroes wielding a double-head axe.

Complex unlocking MBein1940 era of inspiration and creation, rectangular case is exclusivF HM2.2 Watch

Complex unlocking MBe of PVD coated titanium containing silicon, due to its high hardness, high corrosion-resistance and high plasticity. Therefore, this material isLittle Nemo) cartoons of the moon.

Complex unlocking MBnch of the Horological Machine No2 <p>Independent watchmaking concepts laboratory MBHM2) table turned himself in after the debut, due to their unique rectangular shape, cornice columns, double Bullseye, and module structure in the world of Haute Horlogerie launched revolutionary whirlwind. France art Allen-ALAIN SILBERSTEIN watches Designer Alain Silberstein) joined, make this watch a whole new different concepts.</p> <p>MB </body> </html>

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