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In addition to stereo configuration outside floating on the face plate of the balance wheel, white plates on both sides of the head, you can see bright blue pointer floats. On slightly curved surfaces, coated with transparent varnish, Twinkle, it is called paint the world's first vertical storage and instruction is the use of high-teF Legacy Machine No 1" >

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Movement surface disc side of machine board surface Shang has carved of big Yang radiation ornaments lines, it will in specific angle attract people of eye, bridge Board and the movement charming of form and the fine of polished can through transparent of end of cover see, here on will see Kari Voutilainen outstanding of craft, bridge Board shape keep has traditional watches movement of elegant curve, bridge Board Zhijian, and and movement and table shell Zhijian, are keep has spacious of interval.

Large Ruby bearings can be seen on the back of the movement through the Shen Tou, and use of grinding and polishing the gold sleeve is fixed, they become the focus of the bridge plates vision on, corrugated and Geneva complement each other, reminiscent of high quality antique pocket watch movement. Ruby bearings reduce friction and extend part life effect of large-size bearings can also accommodate larger gear axles, as well as more oil.

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Watch movement watch mechanical strong traditions bearing the balance tab

order to keep face with Roman numerals on dial pure beauty face plate does not use traditional means of screws, but the use of a sophisticated rings of gold, and fixed face plate in a complex way; so as not to let the classical beauty of the face of waning a bit. Fine surface treatment and historical asset: famous watchmakers Kari Voutilainen is responsible for each LM1 precision running and has Orthodox and precise Switzerland tab style. On the table by hanging the balance design of traditional, more need to be hacked.

MBltra thin differential gears and ceramic bearings are made, it not onF Legacy Machine No 1" >

MBly slim size, and more substantial wear. Face plate with instructions: two sets of timing accuracy of the face plate from the same set of shock system

Middle balance, exquisite handLaque tendue) techniques to create special effects, this method in painted with several layers of paint and then heated paint can drape evenly on the face plate.

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